Navy Day 2020

The holidays calendar has memorable days dedicated to the glory and power of the Russian people, important historical events. One of them is Navy Day. Its meaning is deeper than an ordinary holiday dedicated to the professionals of a particular industry, despite the fact that all those whose life is connected with the navy, ensuring its vital functions, and protecting borders celebrate it. On this day, they also pay tribute to the heroes of past years and centuries, guarding the country's maritime borders, their mothers, loved ones, all those tears and sorrows of separation through which thousands of people passed. Honored by ordinary people, in whose hearts pride and respect for the fleet live.

When will the Navy Day in 2020

The holiday does not have a specific date. It is floating, although fixed at the level of the law. Navy Day is celebrated annually on the last warm Sunday of July.

In 2020, Navy Day will be celebrated on July 26, Sunday.

The event is not considered a public holiday, and therefore the day off on the first business day is not postponed. Modern shipbuilding technologies, weapons, professionalism of sailors and memory of the past, combines the Navy holiday. It is held every year, and every person who is proud of their homeland, the navy, can take part in it.

History of the holiday

It was not always the case that Navy Day was celebrated on the last Sunday, which came in July. The holiday was founded in 1939. The initiator of its foundation was Admiral N.G. Kuznetsov, who headed the flotilla. The Council of People's Commissars on June 22 approved the idea and signed a document in which it set the date of celebration - July 24. The purpose of the event is quite specific - to mobilize and interest the working people with the creation of the Navy of the young state. Later, in 1980, a Decree was published in the USSR, according to which the date of the Navy Day, as well as a number of other professional holiday events, became floating. Since then, the celebration of the armed forces of the fleet began to be celebrated on the last weekend of July.

The transfer was confirmed in 1988 by Decree No. 9724 XI, which provides for changing the day of the celebration of some memorable dates and holidays. In 2006, V. Putin remained true to the accepted approach by signing Decree No. 3018-X, which established memorials and holidays in modern Russia. It is in this document that the Navy Day is a memorable date.

Indeed, the history of the navy is longer and richer than the history of the holiday dedicated to it. The creation of the first ship dates back to the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The people's memory retained its name - "Eagle" in honor of the Russian coat of arms. Then this ship was considered perfection.

The importance of the state having a whole flotilla was paid particular attention by Peter I. During his reign, the fleet began to develop rapidly. It was recognized that it is necessary not only for military purposes, but also for economic development. By 1700, the state fleet already included more than a hundred rowing ships and forty sailing ships. Since those ancient times, the flotilla has grown and developed. Navy men participated in various military campaigns. The memory of victories, the bitterness of the deceased remained in the hearts of many generations. And, if in the first years after the foundation of the holiday it was celebrated only by those whose work was related to the Navy, today it is an important date for everyone who is proud of their country as a strong and reliable country.

Traditions and events

The most colorful, significant events are held in Russian cities - ports. These are Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Baltiysk, Severomorsk, Novorossiysk, Astrakhan. They begin to celebrate with the ceremonial construction of sailors. After that, the symbol of the Russian Navy, the St. Andrew’s flag, is hoisted on all the ships. Signal moisture also rises. In large cities, ship parades are held. Military vessels with flags raised, sailors in full dress solemnly pass by the embankments filled with spectators. But the most important parade, according to tradition, is organized in St. Petersburg. It involves sailors of all divisions of the Russian fleet.

A part of the military vessels on the Navy holiday launches a ramp so that anyone can enter, get acquainted with how they look from the inside, equipped, how the life of sailors and their commanders goes in them. The solemn part continues with demonstrations, competitions. Rescuers, naval infantrymen, submariners demonstrate their skills. Demonstration firing from rockets, artillery weapons. On this day, demonstrates new types of weapons used in the Navy.

In a cafe, on the shady areas of parks, embankments, former co-workers and veterans are found. At official events of the Navy holiday, the leadership assigns distinguished sailors new military ranks, gives gifts, special personal letters. On open stages, embankments concerts are held. For guests play brass bands, famous musicians. Come together theater stars, cinema. The theme of such events, of course, is marine. Representatives of the authorities congratulate the sailors and officers. At the end of the evening, a firework is organized.

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