New Year 2020 in Sochi: leisure options

People of the 21st century no longer want to be on New Year's Eve exclusively in front of the TV, they want to travel. There is no need to overpay for foreign carriers, you can go or fly to your native land. For the New Year 2020, you should wave to the warm and welcoming metropolis of Sochi! Favorable climate, relatively reasonable prices, the absence of a language barrier, a wide range of services.

New Year's Eve in Sochi

Gloss guidance is carried out in the Caucasian health resort according to strict quality standards. By the New Year celebrations, Sochi is being transformed, brought into full compliance with the requirements of elegance and grace. Trees, house facades, avenues - everything is decorated with lanterns, powerful lanterns hang everywhere. Walking areas are equipped with safe rides, entertainment centers. Festive lighting gives the feeling of a fairy tale, it is thought through carefully.

The most important Christmas tree in Sochi turns on the lights in late December, which is accompanied by a spectacular show. There is a parade of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden communicates with the guests. From the day of the opening of the Christmas tree, fairs, public festivals, fun contests start.

The tangible advantage of the Sochi holidays is a “good” winter, which allows us not to depend on the vagaries of nature. In Sochi, there is practically no temperature drop below zero. The absence of severe frosts will add brightness to the New Year's experience. Picturesque landscapes are a great backdrop for catchy photos.

Choosing a place to celebrate

The southern pier - the area near the marine station - the main Christmas tree is being established here, all the most important events will be held by the New Year 2020. The peculiarity of the territory is its merger with the seaside promenade, always filled with people. The fireworks from here are just amazing! The central stage is equipped with a giant screen, which broadcasts all the performances of artists. Many hours before midnight, the area in Sochi is filled with tourists and local residents. At about 22:00 the evening program opens, a traditional concert begins. Pop stars sing songs, until the morning the noisy disco ends. Carnival, a procession in costumes. The climax of the fun is a gorgeous salute.

The Arts Square and the Olympic Park are additional playgrounds for concerts; concerts, fireworks and fireworks are also held here. The show program is planned at the Adler Arena: light show, acrobat performances, New Year's disco. Competitions with interesting prizes will appeal to children. For kids, by the way, professional animators, fairy-tale characters work. The cost of admission for adults is 7500 rubles, and for children under 6 years of age - 1000 rubles.

Sochi Park offers a very interesting program for the New Year 2020. Vacationers are ready to entertain air acrobats, pyrotechnics, musicians and dancers. Illusionists demonstrate their tricks, gift giveaways are held between the numbers. Entertainment was invented for the little ones, they will be shown a fairy tale, they will play.

Water park "Aqua Loo" will give a charge of positive emotions, providing guests of Sochi with an extensive entertainment program. Active and fervent animators will not let you get bored; an atmosphere of magic is created around. Luxurious banquet, incendiary contests, artist numbers. The finale of the night is a spectacular fireworks display and a night disco. On January 1, the party is "sober", barbecue is fried on the beach, they drink wine, they sing songs. Pleasure is not cheap, it will cost about 20,000 rubles per person.

Pensions and hotels

A special attitude towards tourists at the numerous hotels trying to please all customers coming to rest in Sochi. Residents are given memorable shows, theater-style performances, and humorous sketches. The most popular hotel complex is the Radisson Hotel Rosa Khutor, which is built right on the ski resort. On holidays, you can see noble people, politicians, artists and other celebrities. The starting price for New Year 2020 is 10,000 rubles.

In Sochi, the Bogatyr Hotel was erected, built in the style of a palace, which the rich and aristocrats like. Pop stars appear on stage for solid royalties; a costume ball format is provided for guests. Music does not stop until dawn, everyone dances, has fun. The main highlight of the service is the author's cuisine. At least for one room on New Year's Eve 2020, you have to pay 17,000 rubles!

The Mercury Sochi Center flaunts in the city center - it is famous for the legendary spa complexes. Carnival party, live sound, popular singers and groups, a huge number of surprises. Famous comedians, showmen and rappers peek at the light. The night passes in a smoke of jokes, an abundance of funny jokes. The starting price of the room is 11,000 rubles.

Ski tours and rest

The New Year is the right time for skiing, and Sochi has all the conditions for this. For the convenience of guests, 4 complexes work at once, the routes are divided according to difficulty levels, there are cable lifts. You can warm up and have tea in the nearest cafes, and relax in the hotel. Hotels and hostels are equipped with a minimum set of amenities for a small fee. In more expensive establishments there are pools, saunas, a gorgeous view of the Caucasus Mountains.

In order not to be left without empty seats, it is better to book your accommodation in advance. And it’s more correct to order a tour, and save yourself from many problems. So, for 4 days of good rest you have to pay at least 13,000 rubles. For such a modest fee, a tourist receives delicious meals three times a day, "hangs out" a party on January 1, beauty salons, a meeting and farewell to the station or airport.

For every person there is something for everyone: jumping jumps, downhills, helicopter walks. The infrastructure of Sochi is no worse than in the elite European resorts, for example, Switzerland or Courchevel.

Sochi is a sunny region, where it is warm enough even in winter. To celebrate New Year here is a wonderful idea, which almost any Russian can realize. For relatively little money, tourists spend a few days in a fairy tale, enjoy delicious dishes, watch cool concerts.

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