New Year 2020 in Veliky Ustyug: recreation options

There is no more fabulous and magical event than the onset of the New Year holidays! Absolutely everyone knows about this, so everyone wants to get into family fantasy on a frosty vacation. And where you can feel more magic and goodness for the New Year 2020, if not in the Vologda Oblast - in the possessions of Santa Claus himself, who are in Veliky Ustyug! Fortunately, for tourists there are comfortable living conditions, delicious food and all kinds of snowy fun.

New Year's Eve in Veliky Ustyug

The Vologda Oblast keeps a pearl on its open spaces - a small town where the New Year wizard has long been settled. Among the centuries-old trees is a luxurious residence surrounded by a halo of magic.

Those who decided to hide for the New Year 2020 from the bustle of the city in Veliky Ustyug will receive a sea of ​​vivid impressions, a rich cultural program, beautiful photos. The energy charge is surely enough for a whole year, and the feeling of happiness will not leave until the next celebrations.

Since the city is a developed tourist complex, travelers are provided with all kinds of amenities and an entertainment program. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to the residence.

Having a sufficient influx of tourists, the center of Veliky Ustyug can afford to develop infrastructure and improve conditions. No problems with excellent placement will arise, you just have to save enough money. By the number of attractions, the province can be considered a piggy bank of Russian values. Citizens are invited to visit ancient cathedrals, museums, exhibitions and other iconic places for family visits.

The choice of housing: hotels, cottages

Tourists who decide to settle in Veliky Ustyug for the New Year holidays of 2020 should keep in mind the wide price range for rental housing. It all depends on the totality of some parameters: what kind of apartment? - a room, or perhaps a separate cottage, what are the indicators of amenities? - area, additional services, location - in the estate itself, in the vicinity.

In the center of the tourist base, in the immediate vicinity of the good Santa Claus, nine pensions were built. They have a different number of stars, as well as the levels of service. Overnight on the most fabulous night will cost at least 3,500 rubles per person! But behind the original patterned gates in the city of Veliky Ustyug, guests will find apartments that breathe indescribable warmth and comfort. Guests can enjoy free parking, attend various parties and fun. Great food in the restaurant block, it operates within the hotel perimeter.

"Dvina" is a popular hotel among other offers. It is located near the ancient city of Veliky Ustyug, the reservation includes a full morning meal. The area is equipped with a guarded parking, the price of a day is 1600 rubles. "Christmas" is an elite, cleaned area, hearty breakfast, - from 3000 r. "Resident" - stands on the banks of the Sukhon River, standard conditions with all the comfort, near restaurants and cafes - from 1700 r.

There are a lot of offers, prices and conditions must be found in advance, time to book rooms. As an option, it is possible to rent a private house - 2000 - 20,000 rubles. The most budgetary will be a small area and with a minimum set of options. The most expensive is a real palace. In any case, you will have to book your accommodation back in October, otherwise there simply will not be free places. Due to the influx of holidaymakers before the holiday itself, even finding a room is almost impossible.

Local attractions and attractions

A must-see in Veliky Ustyug is the residence of Santa Claus, where the first thing all tourists rush to. The vast territory contains a chic winter garden, attractions, a zoo and a fairy-tale grandfather's house. Not only children, but also their parents can have fun here for the New Year 2020. For the guests, they organize fun contests, master classes, festivals, trips and sleigh rides. The duration of the average excursion is approximately two hours, and the entrance ticket will cost 1000 rubles and above. There is a system of benefits and discounts.

There is a museum in the snow kingdom dedicated to the New Year's toy. The opening of the museum complex took place in 1998, but very ancient exhibits were collected in it. Balloons decorated with sophisticated patterns, figures of Santa Clauses, toy animals - all this and much more are exhibited in the museum. Most of the toys are handmade, decorated with beads and glass elements.

A separate museum will tell about the history of the greeting card, and in the reserve they will introduce you to the features of the Vologda nature. The city has many memorable and memorial tablets, architectural objects. Those who love history should visit the estates where merchants used to live. Any entertainment and excursions can be collected in a personal scheme, as a constructor, and visit only those objects that you want. In the house that once belonged to the merchant Usov, they conduct a tour "City of merchants and craftsmen."

New Year tours to Veliky Ustyug

In order not to take over all the tourist worries with the reservation and tour device for the New Year 2020, you can order a ready-made offer. Tour operators, whose choice is very large, are ready to make an exciting holiday program. On average, tours last four days, from December 31 to January 3. The price includes: train travel, hotel accommodation, banquet, daily meals, excursions, exhibitions, etc. Price - economy - 17,000 rubles. Of course, additional entertainment and services increase the price of the tour. All this needs to be clarified in advance.

Regardless of the duration of the trip and its richness, the Great Ustyug will bring a lot of positive emotions, an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere of miracles, fragrant dishes from the Russian oven, hot bath, folk songs.

The beauty reigning around will restore mental strength, gain energy for a difficult working year. Unique photos and videos will help preserve the memory of magical adventures. The climate in the city is mild, but warm things should be captured.

Also, find out the whole truth about whether it is worth going to Veliky Ustyug in the winter of 2020, what are the prices for housing and food:

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