Will school education be paid in 2020?

In the article, we will talk about whether school education in Russia in 2020 will become paid or not. Surprisingly, how quickly citizens manage to create rumors that are not based on any reliable data! As a result, the final information looks extremely intimidating, while the truthful facts "stall", get stuck on the way to the population. The truth is never to catch forward speculation! Unfortunately, education in Russian schools did not pass by, overgrown with many tales. The latest provocation: from 2020 they will be taught for money! How true is this statement - let's get it right?

The right to free education

When Russians are asked about the features of schooling, they claim that they have paid for many services for a long time, these facts are simply skillfully masked. The administration of educational institutions skillfully puts forward some requests, in fact, not binding. Probably everyone is familiar with the situation when at school you need to chip in to repair classes or replace windows? But there are still circles and sections for which coaches must pay! That's just the recognizable smell of naphthalene in this case stretches from the time of the Soviet education.

Charges "for repair" or generally parental efforts were considered standard. Under the USSR, vegetables were brought to the dining room for children to feed, and for the performance of morning performances, independent sewing of carnival costumes was carried out. Adults even made the scenery for performances with their own hands. And the repair of desks and chairs by someone’s dad? For these manipulations, the remaining parents had to "thank" financially. Although education was not considered paid!

However, the very education in the Russian Federation is guaranteed to be free, and this is ensured by the Constitution. But services can be provided for money, schools are allowed.

Some parents generally consider it necessary to lift the ban on market relations within the school walls. After all, now only payment for food is allowed, and everything else is optional. Although for some wealthy moms and dads, it is not a problem to invest fabulous amounts in a child.

Modern approaches to education

Nowadays, some schools in Russia are forced to switch to the full autonomy of education, to look for ways to meet their needs without state assistance. To find out if an institution is autonomous, just look at its abbreviation. The letters MAOU easily indicate that the citizen is a Municipal Autonomous Educational Institution. In fact, parents are made to understand that the school receives minimal paid benefits from the municipality. For example, compulsory repairs, teachers' salaries, a minimum of furniture and some equipment. But all other services are paid, and the administration has the right to approve its "price tags".

So, commercial groups pay rent, and the money received is spent at the direction of the directorate. Either they are allowed in for teacher prizes, or computers are bought in the computer science office. Particularly angry statements deserved the collection of money for school uniforms. But even in the USSR, clothes were not given out, but sewn by the efforts of parents!

What you have to pay parents

All Russians know that since January 1, prices for absolutely everything have traditionally risen in the state. At the same time, education and related services are also no exception to the rule. Although the new school "price tags" mainly appear from September 1, and after the New Year's weekend, the cost of dishes in the dining room traditionally changes. However, eating students is just one item of expense, and there are a few other important points. Paid in 2020, may be cleaning in classrooms, or full protection of the building. At some schools, disposable tableware and drinking water are purchased. Teachers can conduct additional classes, from the category of tutoring services. Basic or additional meals also require payment.

It is also required to repair the dining room, school or classrooms. Sections and circles are also for money. We'll have to fork out for special preparatory courses and trainings before exams. Today’s education, with all voluntary contributions, remains free, but many citizens tend to panic. Although, the prospect of home schooling is not so terrible, and many consciously switch to it. As for the issuance of educational material, it remains completely free. All that can be discussed at the meeting is the purchase of paper or office equipment, old windows or inadequate security. Of course, no one is entitled to demand a specific amount for the needs of the school in 2020. However, a refusal or an underpayment may lead to a hostile reaction. And the anger of adults spills over a child whose parents did not pay. Teachers sometimes even underestimate such a student, but fortunately, this rarely happens!

Unfortunately, to protect the child, many parents are silent about requisitions, and make a deal with conscience. Someone even gets into debt to pay all the requirements of the directorate! But it will not be possible to restore order in the schools if everyone follows the bureaucrats' lead without claiming paid violations. If we talk about additional paid classes with the student after class, then this initiative of the teacher should have a decent encouragement. After all, the parents themselves would not sit for free with someone else's child in their after-hours for the benefit of education!

Additional school expenses in 2020

Education is impossible to imagine without the presence of sections and circles, and it is not surprising that most of them are paid. Free circles, of course, remained at a certain level. In addition, a centralized way for this type of child employment appeared in the settlements. For example, "Hobby centers" began to open, having various directions of different cost. There are budget places in such institutions, but there are very few of them. There are occupancy rates for groups that violate students are dangerous. But the variety of circles is huge, and finding a place for a child is not at all difficult. If during the summer school holidays, you take care of recording the child in the right section, then with the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, he will begin to attend classes without problems. Believe in the Soviet dream of total free is not worth it, it is unrealistic within the 21st century. But it’s for money that you can find the most interesting master classes!

All children will be able to get school education in 2020 in 2020, and this is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Training services will not be officially paid, and the authorities are ready to promise this. But ministers cannot forbid schools to ask for money for some needs or circles, this is not against the law.

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