Beautiful table setting for the New Year 2020

The approach of the New Year 2020 makes housewives all over the world think about the design and layout of the New Year's table. Especially if guests are expected to arrive, they need to demonstrate their refined taste in front of them. After all, no one wants to be considered a simpleton who does not understand anything in the decor and serving. It is important to find out which animal will be the symbol of 2020, and in what colors it will come to power.

What colors to decorate the New Year's table

Since in 2020 the White Metal Rat will manage all the events, it is easy to guess about the color palette. The perfect snow-white tone is an exquisite background for any interior design.

All shades close to white will be relevant on the New Year's table in 2020. The noble ivory, which has a slightly yellowish sheen, is also well suited for decoration.

Smoky and icy, with gray and blue notes remind a snow cover outside the window. Pale pink is different combined with metal elements.

When choosing a table setting, you need to come up with patterns and ornaments for dishes. Indeed, simple white porcelain looks boring, and with a gold edging - elegantly. The solemn combination is obtained from a white base and silver ornament. An incredible popularity is gained by an immense color, a light menthol brand of freshness.

Decorative ornaments

Unusual decorations will add spectacular serving, they are also elements in the New Year theme. Great composition of gilded cones, figures of snowmen or mice. Christmas toys can be put in a transparent vase in the shape of a large glass, or fixed on candles spruce small candles.

Pine cones look good to which bows and small silver bells are tied.

Tablecloth and napkin selection

Today, the tablecloth appears on the tables of Russians exclusively on holidays, and the New Year 2020 is one of them. According to the rules of etiquette, the surface of the New Year's table should be covered with textiles, clean and elegant. A white canvas, like an artist’s canvas, will allow you to apply imagination, creating a unique design. If the function of the main decoration falls on the tablecloth, then you can buy not plain, but decorated material. But, if there are bright accents on the table, then the background is better left without frills. Stylized masterpieces with embroidery or print remain very relevant.

Napkins made of fabric give the decoration a luxury, indicate the prosperity of the owners. When setting the table, it makes sense to refuse paper options, and prepare alternative fabric napkins. In terms of color, the general rules for the “rat” interior apply, but you can decorate fabric pieces by intercepting them with special rings.

Napkins tied with a bright ribbon are also an interesting idea. It is not necessary to stack them with a square or a roll; you can arrange a napkin fir-tree, lilies, tulips or even swans. You can sew napkins yourself, this is not difficult, and will show how much the lady is passionate about needlework. Fringes and tassels are timeless classics that are easy to perform. There is no need to put napkins embroidered with beads or hard embroidery on the table, otherwise guests will be comfortable using such a masterpiece.

Ware for a New Year's table

Few Russians are able to buy new sets of dishes for each holiday. In addition, the fashion is very variable, and storing numerous plates and glasses is a laborious affair. In order not to spend money on many services, it is best to take a universal kit. White options will become basic, which, if desired, can be decorated with special colors. Various stickers, ribbons, sparkles and beads come in handy. Decorate the legs of simple transparent glasses with elegant tinsel, attach bows to the forks and knives. If possible, you should buy silver cutlery, or simply coated with silver.

Designers for the New Year's serving, are advised to take a radical path, and replace the porcelain with glass with ceramics. The rat loves comfort, and clay plates and pots will be very rustic, cute, homely. Wooden dishes and wicker bread bins are also good. And in the center may be a clay vase with dried ears of wheat. Forks and spoons, of course, should not be replaced with wooden ones, but you can put a couple of exclusive appliances for laying dishes.

The meeting of the New 2020 is a responsible event, and it is important to take into account all the little things. As a basis for the table, choose a white tablecloth, arrange beautiful linen napkins for guests, arrange original decorations.

Dishes and appliances can be universal, but decorated in the style of the upcoming cycle. It is important to capture a good mood for the holiday, and gather a large company.

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