Pre-retirement benefits in Russia in 2019-2020

Citizens of Russia of pre-retirement age can apply in 2019-2020 to receive social support from the state in the form of certain benefits. The proposed measures relate to medical, transport services, relations with the employer. They are assigned to people who are 5 years old before going on a well-deserved vacation, in order to provide them with additional protection, to ease their situation.

About new benefits for retirees

Pension reform, which started in Russia in 2019, led to an increase in the retirement age, and many Russians took this change negatively. However, the reform has some positive aspects. They relate to pre-pensioners - people who have until retirement to work out for several years.

For them, the state prepared in 2019-2020. following benefits:

• Annual medical examination with the preservation of wages and jobs. The employer must provide the employee two days to check their health.

• Providing guarantees of labor activity. Upon dismissal of pre-pensioners or refusal to hire them, the employer will have to bear administrative or criminal liability.

• The possibility of retraining in employment centers.

• If there is no opportunity to find a job, if the employee has been laid off, or his company has been liquidated, and no more than 2 years are left before his retirement age, he may retire earlier. At the same time, it is necessary that the experience should be at least 20 years, if it is about women, and at least 25 years for men.

• Preferential conditions for the payment of unemployment benefits are provided.

For citizens of pre-retirement age in 2019-2020, some benefits will also be provided, which previously only relied to pensioners:

  1. Discounts on certain housing and communal services, major repairs;
  2. Preferential travel by public transport.

A number of regions have established at the legislative level a number of additional benefits for their residents. So, in Moscow, pre-pensioners can ride the metro for free and have their teeth replaced. In difficult situations, they may qualify for financial assistance.

Who is entitled to benefits: age and length of service

Pre-pensioners include people who have to finalize before going on a well-deserved rest for 5 years.

This period is valid for the transitional period and if there is a right to early termination of work. By the way, before the pension reform this period was only 2 years.

Thus, in 2019 and 2020, benefits will be granted to all men and women born in 1963, 1968. A five-year period does not lose its relevance, and when a person is assigned an early pension, taking into account the development of the necessary length of service. These conditions apply to workers in the far North, people working in hazardous industries, and other categories of citizens. The right to pre-retirement benefits arises if a person:

  1. He works at any enterprise, but has the necessary work experience;
  2. Still working in conditions that make it possible to retire earlier than the generally accepted period.

Examples of approaching retirement age

To understand how the moment of receiving benefits for pre-pensioners in 2019-2020 is determined, we can give several examples:

  • A citizen works as a bus driver. Having worked for 20 years, he can stop working at 55 years old. The status of pre-retirement age occurs at 50 years.
  • A woman who has worked as a tram driver for 15 years can stop working at 50, and get the right to pre-retirement benefits at 45.
  • Education workers, doctors retire after working for a certain period. They become pre-pensioners at the moment when this experience is worked out. For example, by July 1, 2019, a teacher will work at school for 25 years. On this day he gains pre-retirement rights.
  • A mother with many children has the opportunity to stop working at the age of 50 - this period has not changed for her with the pension reform. She will receive a new status upon her performance 45.

Exceptions to the Rules

The 5-year rule does not apply to tax credits. However, one can claim their receipt from the borders of the old retirement age, i.e. from 55 years for the fairer sex and 60 years for the strong.

Residents of the far North will receive benefits 5 years earlier. Preferences are provided when calculating property and land taxes.

Proof of pensioner status

The increase in the age limit for retirement has led to the fact that women and men, having reached a certain age, may find themselves in a difficult situation and without work. To facilitate their situation, the legislation provides for benefits for this group of citizens. A system of informing employers, authorities, employment centers, and other departments is called upon to facilitate their implementation.

Information about these people is transmitted electronically. The system of interagency electronic interaction, the Unified State Social Security Information System are used. The relevant data is available in the personal account of the FIU. Informing employers is also carried out electronically. In paper form, certificates are not issued. Payment for the document is not charged.

The state implements a whole system of measures to alleviate the situation of citizens of pre-retirement age. They are given the opportunity of annual medical examination, retraining, tax, utility benefits, protection from unscrupulous employers.

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