2020 World Hockey Championship among youth

One of the world-famous hockey players is Jaromir Jagr, born in the Czech Republic. It was this state that got the honorable mission of meeting the guests of the 2020 youth hockey championship. The history of the competition has more than one decade, and this meeting will be the 44th! In the battle for ice supremacy, the athletes will cross their clubs again, and the battle promises to be quite hot and spectacular. After all, the meeting will be the most powerful and professional hockey national teams of the planet.

Where will the 2020 World Hockey Championship take place

The best Czech stadiums are ready to open their doors to hockey teams, and everything is ready for the 2020 World Cup. The largest cities of the Czech Republic were selected as the main cities designed to become playgrounds for games.

The first base will be the Ostravar Arena, it is also a sports and cultural center of a multifunctional profile, built in the city of Ostrava. Here, hockey players are welcomed for the third time, so the level of equipment and equipment leaves no doubt. The total capacity of this stadium exceeds 10,000 seats. If desired, the number of viewers can be increased by another 2500 people. Lodges for privileged guests and skyboxes occupy the entire second tier; they offer a fantastically beautiful view of the ice. Comfortable rooms are equipped with climate control, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and other benefits of civilization.

No less high-quality preparations were made for the youth championship in the city of Trshinets, standing on the Olsha River. The Werk sports arena awaits the arrival of athletes who will benefit from the best technology. The complex was erected in 2014 with 5,000 seats. The 2020 World Hockey Championship offers not only excellent ice arenas, but also thought-out hotel complexes. For the convenience of guests and athletes, elite hotels, cozy cafes, roomy gyms and massage rooms are open.

When to start: time

Not only the place, but also the date of the youth championship has already been determined. When the junction of the outgoing year and the coming one occurs, the world will be able to enjoy an amazing hockey spectacle.

The youth ice hockey championship (44th in a row) will be held in the Czech Republic from December 26, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

The Russians are already used to watching the battle of the “youth team” when the New Year holidays are coming. The previous championship was held in Canada, which brought victory to the Finnish national team. Silver was then able to win the Americans, and this is their second victory of this level. Russia was able to get around Switzerland, receiving awards of bronze dignity. The bronze went to the Russians for the ninth time in the history of the entire championship. Canada, as the hostess of the last competition, for the first time did not win any award.

World Cup Schedule

The start of the hockey competition opens with a group part, and at the first stage all participating teams are divided into two groups. The games are held within each group, and these competitions will take place from December 26 to December 31, 2019. The regulation determines that, according to the results of the starting round, 4 teams continue to fight. On January 2, they will have a comforting match. The team that loses will leave the first division.

Note that in the schedule of matches of the 2020 World Cup in ice hockey, the time of the start of the meeting according to Moscow time is indicated.

Note that January 4 and 5 is the time for the matches of the semifinals and finals, as well as the battle for third place. A detailed schedule of the championship games is available on the official website assigned to the International Federation.

Youth Hockey Teams

All teams awarded the honor to qualify for the 2020 World Cup will represent their home countries. The division into groups is carried out as follows:

  • Group A: Kazakhstan, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and Finland.
  • Group B: Germany, America, Czech Republic, Canada, Russia.

At first, the battles on ice will be held in quintets, but at the very beginning of 2020 squads from parallel groups will converge. Losers from both groups will not reach the playoffs, they will only be allowed to fight for a chance not to leave the elite division. The winners will reach the quarter finals.

The participation of the Russian team in the championship

Russian hockey players will meet in a group with very powerful rivals, which requires full commitment from them. As the national team entered the division with the Americans, Canadians, Czechs and Germans, the struggle is not easy. Almost all teams are recognized as undoubted favorites of the championship, and the Czech Republic is considered the most dangerous opponent. On their side is not only technical superiority, but also the strength of native ice.

Real men play hockey, as the popular song of the Soviet era says. But, if the USSR occupied the first place during the existence of the USSR, now the level has dropped to bronze. There is hope that in the current meeting the Russians will take higher positions, but time will tell. In the meantime, you should wait for the start of the championship competitions, which will be held at the end of 2019 - at the beginning of 2020, in beautiful Czech cities with stunning stadiums.

Watch the video: Announcement - 2020 World U17 Hockey Championships (February 2020).

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