Renovation program in Moscow in 2019-2020

Absolutely all people are puzzled by the problems of comfortable housing, not only the residents of Russia. However, there is an acute housing issue that arose in Moscow due to outdated buildings. That is why the renovation program for houses was created, in particular five-story buildings in the capital.

It was customary in the USSR to build Khrushchev’s, but since then they have not only lost their relevance, but have also become unusable in engineering. Roofs no longer hold back rainfall, walls crack, ceilings sprinkle. In order to renew the capital's appearance and protect Muscovites, the government decided to carry out a renovation program in Moscow, in particular in 2019-2020. The former housing will be demolished in stages, and citizens will be resettled.

The main reasons for renovation in Moscow

Prospects for the demolition of the Khrushchev five-story building arose in the 90s of the last century, at a time when Luzhkov still held the post of capital city governor. In those days, the development of demolition projects for houses built in the 60s was carried out. Even then, multi-storey buildings of several classes were recognized as obsolete, but the renovation did not take place. In addition to moral old age, a lot of disagreement caused the technical condition of the houses. The liquidation of the remnants of the past was to happen before the onset of 2010. But in 2008, an economic crisis erupted, forcing the Moscow authorities to postpone global renovation plans. There was simply nowhere to take money from, and projects with greater importance arose.

With the onset of 2017, when Sobyanin took over as mayor, there was a return to this issue. The initiative for renovation was personally supported by President Vladimir Putin, and the general public. To begin the reconstruction, the authorities even had to revise the fundamental laws.

The general list of houses under the renovation program consists of 5171th object. It is planned that in the coming years in Moscow, approximately 350 thousand new apartments will be commissioned.

To approve the renovation, an Act was adopted in which the number of houses provided for demolition was prescribed. This list covers all administrative districts, and the construction of new housing to replace the old one will also affect all areas of Moscow. Partial funding will come from the city budget. However, realizing such a global construction without attracting investor funds will not work, so private developers will take on the costs.

Relocation launching pads 2019-2020

The initial renovation plan, with a full list of launch sites, was planned to be completed by February 2018, however, it was not possible to catch the deadline by the target date. In general, the project is planned for 15 years. It includes the demolition of obsolete houses, the construction of new modern square meters. Moscow should be decorated with monolithic panel-type houses with a service life of at least 100 years!

The plan was approved last year, and the exact list (list) of addresses for 2019-2020 is already known. Demolition decisions were dealt with not only by the authorities, but also by residents from the obsolete housing fund. Moscow City Hall invited the best technical experts for consultations. Highly qualified engineers were appointed paramount facilities for the demolition of the five-story building, erected in the period from 1958 to 1968. But with the approval of the renovation plan 2019-2020, Muscovites had a lot of questions.

Program Stages and House List

According to the scheme of implementation of all planned renovations, government forces decided to act by the wave method. According to experts, it is impossible to resettle citizens unsystematically, it is necessary to carry out phased work. First of all, it is planned to erect a “start-up” object in order to populate tenants from the house that will be demolished first. When the demolition site is cleared, a new building will be erected on this territory, and then residents will be placed in it. And so on, until you can eliminate all the old, and accommodate all those in need. As a result, the full finalization of the renovation program will be achieved, according to many experts, in 20-30 years, but it is designed for 15 ?! Engineers claim that earlier it is impossible to solve the problem.

Houses that are included in the renovation program, a complete list


What will happen to the residents of the houses for demolition

Moscow does not believe in tears, and it is not worth waiting for mercy from the authorities. Yes, for residents from demolished houses in 2019-2020, support measures are provided, but failures can not be avoided. However, urban planners promised to take care of the quality of housing, and make it more elite and modern. All owners are scheduled to provide housing equivalent to demolished. It will be improved finish, and additional costs from the settlers will not be required.

The cost of new apartments will increase, and the price per square meter will increase by about 30%. All apartments will have plastic windows, energy-saving heat and lighting devices, light and water meters. Indications from metering devices will no longer need to be transmitted, they will be sent automatically. Intercoms will be installed at all entrances, metal bathtubs and ceramic toilets will be fixed in bathrooms of a divided type.

Moscow is an amazing city with a long history. However, houses from the last century are incredibly outdated, and no longer meet modern requirements. In order not to force citizens to endure hardships, and to provide all Muscovites with safe and comfortable housing, the city authorities are introducing a project of global renovations.

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