Pregnancy calendar for 2019-2020

In this article, we will talk about the conception of a baby and pregnancy in 2019-2020. So, many couples dream to know in advance the gender of the unborn child, and ultrasound is not always able to help in this matter. For example, if during the examination the fetus was lying on its side, or, in general, the doctor made a mistake in interpreting the image. Wise Asian scientists many centuries ago created unique tables for conception, allowing you to calculate the gender of the child. Knowing the periods of the birth of a boy or girl, it is possible to choose the time of conception at will. Of course, the initial attitude toward pregnancy was mystical, and figuring out something in advance was considered a bad omen.

Chinese pregnancy calendar 2019-2020

Over 200 years have passed since the Chinese sages developed a unique technique for determining the baby’s gender. The developments were initiated by members of the imperial family, and only crowned persons could use these tables. After all, the issue of conception of a male heir was very acute, and it was required to know such information in advance. It is not surprising that the ruling dynasties took pregnancy as a sacred process, and approached it very seriously.

The days promising to give the boy were calculated with the utmost precision so as not to spill the seed in the female bosom during those periods when the girl could have arisen. Of course, modern people are not aimed at reproducing the future emperor, they are formed even by a bully, even by a sweet princess.

Please note that in the calendar (table) below, the month of conception of the child in 2019-2020 is indicated, and not the month of birth of the baby!

Surprisingly: to determine the information of interest, the Chinese offered to use only two parameters - the month of conception and the age of his mother. According to the majority of current couples, despite the antiquity, this calendar provides extremely true information. It "works", and all forecasts come true for sure!

It’s important not to mix it up: it is initially taken exactly the month when the child was conceived and not born. This is due to the Chinese tradition to take into account when calculating the age of a person precisely the moment when the seed is rooted in the womb. Pregnancy in China is placed under state control, and the law prohibits all citizens from knowing what gender their child will be born. For many couples, these calendars are the last hope for family planning.

Japanese conception calendar

Do not assume that in Japanese families there were no problems with conceiving a strong heir. The Japanese, considered wealthy and influential, urgently needed a guaranteed result, so they also created a kind of pregnancy calendar. If you compare this method with the Chinese, there are significant differences. In the first table it is necessary to combine the months in which the husband and wife were born. At the intersection of two months there will be a figure that needs to be written down or remembered.

Table number 1

Next, you need to look at the second table, where you should combine the row with the recorded number obtained earlier, and the column corresponding to the month of conception. The intersection will give a square of a certain color: pink - a girl, blue - a boy.

Table number 2

Check the reliability of such a "fortune-telling" can also those who already have offspring, this will show that ancient methods do not contain errors.

Lunar conception calendar

With the help of the lunar phases it is possible to find out what the character of the baby will be. When the baby still appeared in the womb, the moon had already begun to influence his personality. Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, you can determine what will be the children's temperament:

  • If conception occurred during the full moon, the child will grow up sensitive, overly emotional, even aggressive.
  • A weak-willed and defenseless, extremely vulnerable man is conceived in the New Moon.
  • The child of the growing moon is empathic, he is endowed with a keen sense of justice.
  • A shrinking disk will give an unbending, uncompromising and vibrant individual.

Ba Zi natal charts predict how the onset of pregnancy affects the fate of the baby, and birthday is also important.

ConceptionBirthThe fate and character of the child
March 2019December 2019Promises a difficult fate, which must be sent on time in a favorable direction.
April 2019January 2020It will give a child inclined to enter into conflicts with relatives.
May 2019February 2020Children will be sentimental and friendly.
June 2019March 2020Eco is not recommended, with natural pregnancy high positions are possible, an excellent career.
July 2019April 2020Kids may be painful
August 2019May 2020Active kids with hyperactivity
September 2019June 2020High learning ability in science.
October 2019July 2020Shy, reserved, but gifted.
November 2019August 2020In childhood, often get into trouble, require a lot of attention.
December 2019September 2020Persistent, purposeful, independent.
January 2020October 2020Know what they need from life.

The opinion of doctors and science

Scientists do not see anything wrong with wanting to know the gender of the baby, and they have nothing against pregnancy calendars. However, doctors are not advised to rely on ancient methods if genetic prediction, health and life are at stake.

Playing roulette is unacceptable if conception affects the appearance of a baby with a pathology. It’s a pity, but a guaranteed forecasting method has not yet been created, and it’s impossible to create a girl or a boy by order.

Conception is an important process, well thought out by nature, and having its own characteristics. They have long been noticed by the sages, and compiled special tables and calendars that reflect the dependence of the months and gender of the child. Modern scientists are not against their use, but insist on resorting to scientific methods if it is necessary to predict the likelihood of developing a genetic disease.

From the video, find out yet another, but already scientific method for calculating the sex of a child:

We determine by popular signs who will be: a girl or a boy

Watch the video: Chinese Lunar Calendar 2019-2020 Baby Gender Prediction (March 2020).

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