How and in what way to celebrate New Year 2020: the choice of attire, styles and colors

For any person - the selection of a festive dress, especially for the New Year's Eve - is the number one topic for discussion. And, although now there is still enough time to make a choice - many are already thinking - what to celebrate New Year 2020, and what should be the outfit for the holiday?

As you know, the coming year belongs to the White Metal Rat. And according to the eastern calendar, the Rat is a demanding animal, and therefore, it is necessary to treat the choice of an outfit for the New Year 2020 and New Year's clothes with all responsibility. The symbol of the New Year 2020 is an animal-hard worker, she always works hard and with full dedication, which is why she can afford a good rest. In this regard, to celebrate the New Year of the Rat you need fun, fabulous, noisy and bright!

Choosing colors for the New Year's outfit

Thus, with the color of the dress for the New Year 2020, almost everything is clear - it can be white, light gray or silver! This color set may not be as boring as it seems at first glance! It includes all shades of dairy and cream colors, noble white and ivory. The gray gamut also pleases with variety: these are ash and smoky shades, as well as varieties of pearl flowers.

For evening dresses, gray shades are more than classic. You can diversify them with fashionable gray with a touch of pale pink. On the dresses of lovely ladies, intricate patterns can flaunt, if suddenly the monotony - it seems boring. The perfect combination of a white dress on the floor, decorated with an ornate floral pattern - is very gentle and romantic.

It is very important to avoid cat motifs both in clothes and in the interior. No need to explain why in the year of the Rat it is worth removing all the cat hints?

Those who choose gray shades for themselves are allowed to use iridescent and bright fabrics - brocade, silk, satin.

Choosing an outfit for the New Year 2020: fashionable styles

Sequins for the new year - the choice of the bold and free! In addition, they are now trending at the most expensive fashion shows. If your choice - dresses embroidered with bright and large sequins - the title of "Queen of the Evening" is definitely yours!

If suddenly light shades - they are completely unsuitable for you - to the face, skin, mood, or to the interior of the house - replace them with violet or purple shades. They are also at the peak of popularity now, and even your outfit is in them - it will be in the spirit of the best fashion houses. And, besides, the Rat - if necessary, can show aggression - therefore, it has nothing against such bright and even slightly defiant shades!

The styles of dresses are better to choose the following:

  1. Sheath Dress - classic, what else to say! Particular attention should be paid to the length of the dress (midi) and the round neckline on the chest. No pockets or sleeves!
  2. Mermaid Dress - frankly underlined bust and extension of the skirt from the hips or knees (like the tail of a little mermaid) - luxury in the style of glamor!
  3. Baby dollars - mini dresses for the youngest girls. Emphasize the charm of youth!
  4. Skirt sun - The trend of the season 2019-2020. Dresses with such skirts are always original and eye-catching!

Shoes can be chosen with heels. Both a hairpin and a small steady heel will do. The main thing is to be comfortable - Rats love comfort. The shoe color can be chosen universal beige or emphasize the daring outfit for the New Year 2020 in black.

Jewelry is better to choose from precious metals. Pearl jewelry will look great.

Some tips for decorating your home for the New Year

It is also worth paying attention to the decoration of the room where the celebration will take place. It must have accessories or interior items in white:

  • cutlery with decor;
  • candlesticks;
  • napkin holders;
  • decorations for the New Year's table and so on.

Christmas tree toys can also be in light silver tones, as if covered with snow or covered with hoarfrost. Garlands of light shades - will add magic and zest to New Year's decorations.

Be irresistible this New Year! Holiday greetings!

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