On the celebration of Valentine's Day in 2020

The history of the holiday of St. Valentine's Day goes back many centuries. During this time, hundreds of poems were written, many songs and films were created. Not many people know that under the influence of the poem "Bird's Parliament" by Jeffrey Chaucer, they began to attach special importance to the day of February 14. The poem was written at the end of the 14th century and glorifies Valentine's Day. Also, according to this English composition, it is believed that from mid-February, birds begin to search for their soul mate.

A few facts about Valentine's Day

When St. Valentine's Day will cease to cause a lot of questions and disputes around its date, it is not known for certain, because many religions have an ambiguous attitude to the holiday of February 14.

Modern studies show that this holiday is popular among young people aged 17 to 28 years.

In Russia, Valentine's Day began to be celebrated with the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century. A huge amount of souvenir products in stores will not leave anyone indifferent, therefore it is now easier to solve the problem of what to give on February 14th, rather than during the formation of the holiday in our country. As a rule, modern restaurants decorate their interior thematically and offer a festive menu.

As can be noted on February 14, 2020

Based on the 2020 calendar, we can conclude that the feast of lovers, February 14 - falls on Friday. Surely, this year will not be an exception, and many couples in love will want to spend this evening together in a romantic setting. To make this day unforgettable for your soulmate, you should think over all the details in advance: what do you say when you see each other, what will be your gift for Valentine's Day, where you suggest going in the evening.

To make things pleasant for a loved one, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of time and money. If you spend the morning together, you can prepare a festive breakfast. You can also make a DIY Valentine card. Each office supply store sells colored cardboard. Cutting out a card in the shape of a heart and writing the words coming from the heart, you will make your gift the best and unforgettable. This gift is suitable for both a girl and a guy.

What can I give on February 14: a guy or a girl

On this day, many lovers are puzzled by the choice of the main symbol of the holiday - Valentines and think what to give for February 14th.

Among the popular gifts for many years remain: sweets, soft toys, flowers.

Among other possible gifts for a guy February 14th may include: a tie, belt, pen, key chain with your photo, a cup with an original declaration of love.

In the case of a choice gift for a girl February 14th is a little easier - beloved perfumes, a teddy bear or a hare, balloons and flowers - all this will undoubtedly please the lady of the heart.

A good gift, too, would be a contribution to the personal collection of the second half. Take an interest, maybe your cordial friend is collecting some kind of collection. Coins, car models, rare books - all this can be a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day.

When Valentine's Day comes in 2020, let every heart be filled with warmth, all the lonely will find their soul mates, their dreams will come true, and love will live with you forever. Have a nice holidays!

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