Which startup to open in 2020: ideas, trends

They say that in a leap year you can not start anything large-scale, since any business or alliance will be doomed to failure under the influence of the planets, and maybe human gossip. Of course, businessmen are far from the most superstitious people, but if you have long decided to start your own business, open a new startup and postpone its opening due to various reasons, then we congratulate you! “Unlucky 2019” was left behind, which means that there is no longer any reason not to start something new. And for the start to be successful, we bring to your attention the forecasts of analysts, as well as the ideas of startups for 2020.

First of all, it makes sense to talk about global market trends and the "inclinations" of investors. If you decide to start your own business, you will need this information. So, let's start with the financial sector.

We make investments in the Network in 2020

Statistics inexorably insists that it is best to invest in something “networked”. The Internet, it’s the global web, is one of the most unknown areas by Russian businessmen, oddly enough. E-commerce in the next twelve months promises to be the most fertile soil on which everyone can grow a money tree of any size. Of course, if it calculates its capabilities and takes into account the remaining trends in the world.

So, the year 2020 makes sense to start from a startup under the banner of virtual trading. What and for whom is up to you. You can also watch an article with interesting business ideas for 2020.

Startups must be based on mobility

Trend number two in the coming 2020 is mobility. People no longer like desktop computers, many have forgotten how to use "home" phones. Heavy laptops are being replaced by tablets, which will find a place even in the most elegant women's handbag. Phones are increasingly being used in place of digital cameras. And why? Because the objects and things that bind you to any particular place, restrict the freedom of movement, and now they are rapidly losing success. Mobility is not only a trend, it is also a requirement of modern society.

How to use it for your own benefit, again, is up to you. If you plan to create a startup in 2020, according to the invention of new mobile devices, then make sure that they can do as long as possible without connecting to an outlet. If you are opening an online store, then make sure that it is available on smartphones in the adaptive version, with all the popular OSs.

Everything that makes life simpler and easier now, and in 2020 will be at the peak of popularity. Catch this wave!

By the way, as a vivid example, you can cite a startup that was launched not so long ago and still exists only in the beta version. Nevertheless, it was created taking into account the first two trends we have announced. This startup is, in fact, an online store, but not quite ordinary. The “highlight” of the service is that without user intervention, it checks various virtual retail outlets on and off social networks, choosing a shopping list of your choice. The Pickie user (this is what this resource is called) is completely exempt from tedious searches. The trained “robot” does it for him. Shopping on the Internet has never been so easy, according to the creators of the service. And they are not so far from the truth.

We create local social networks based on interests

The next trend in 2020, which should be taken by a "pencil" for a novice businessman, is the union of people of interest, that is, the creation of small networks.

Why do you need this, you ask, since there are "social programs", "circles" and other projects that unite everyone and everything? The fact is that social networks have been around for more than a year. During this time, their users managed to survive the stage of euphoria and now sensibly evaluate all the pros and cons. The main drawback of most of the available resources is that they are global. This is a huge haystack and in order to find in it what you really need, the easiest way is to burn this very haystack. This is exactly what analysts propose to do in 2020.

Connect people with common interests. Let it be very small local networks, which are limited to one city or area, or maybe just love for the same thing or book - and you will be successful.

Puzzling on the “global”, we forget about how important it is that is nearby and this deprives ourselves of a mass of opportunities.

Among those who have already tried to realize this idea, one can single out a successful undertaking: the Circl dating site, built on a new principle. es. The provocative motto “fewer messages - more meetings” is intriguing and bewitching, since this is what the regulars of such resources really want. The "Circle" allows you to search for a "half" not on another continent, which is no longer fashionable, but on a neighboring street, choosing the appropriate location. For maximum compatibility, those who are on the list of "friends" on social networks, as well as friends of friends and other people who are most often not paid due attention to, are checked.

Whoever owns the information succeeds!

And another trend that cannot be ignored in 2020 is data collection. To some extent, this is the same mobility. If you want your startup 2020 to be successful, make sure that it frees users from worries as much as possible. How to do it? To analyze and once again analyze, since social networks open up limitless possibilities for this. Are you going to open a store - find out for sure what trends are attracting your target audience. If you plan to compete with Amazon, carefully study everything and you will never be left without profit.

Be guided by these not at all strict rules, create new startups, but those that were not there before, or use the experience of competitors to surpass them. You may also be interested in an article on profitable investments in the coming year.

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