Camp Artek in 2020

Next year, the Artek children's camp will celebrate its completely non-childish anniversary - 95 years. Back in 1925, it was created as a small children's camp, which in the year of its opening took in only three hundred pioneers. And in 2016, a million and a half child had already rested in it from the day it was founded. In that remarkable year, they tried to double the number of vacationers - up to 31 thousand children. However, in 2020, it is planned to take the ambitious bar of 45,000.

Since the fall of 2014, Artek has undergone a global reconstruction as part of the reboot program for 2015-2020. Its task is to organize an international center leading in the field of creation, testing and implementation of programs of additional and general education on innovative bases, as well as full-scale recreation and rehabilitation of children. Nine out of ten camps have already been reconstructed. It:

  • "Amber",
  • "Azure",
  • "River",
  • "Crystal",
  • "Lake",
  • "Field",
  • "Nautical",
  • Cypress
  • "Forest".

Another camp - "Diamond" - is going to be finalized by 2020, and also to put into operation a completely new one - "Solar". It will be a recreation and educational center designed for a thousand places, which is destined to become the prototype of the school of the future and try out new educational technologies.

Vouchers Artek distributes year-round. And in its composition, besides the usual camps, there is a secondary school of the same name with 1224 places with an innovative laboratory complex, including robotics. 45 studios were opened in the field of children's creativity and additional education - technical, art, science, social and pedagogical.

There are 7 programs for sports and recreation, including those using the Sports Palace with two pools, three outdoor pools (with water slides), courts and 9 sports grounds, gyms and gymnasiums, the Central Stadium (7 thousand seats), a rope park and a climbing wall . Throughout the center, 500 counselors from 19 to 25 years old and almost 300 teachers, on average, 35 years old work with children. You can get into the camp in this capacity only on a competitive basis, showing an active life position and outstanding successes in a professional field.

Trips to "Artek"

You can get into the Artek MDC only after registering with the AIS "Voucher", however in several ways:

  1. Buy voucher for commercial routes. This method is common in order to stimulate children to education and as an option for children from other countries. However, they simply will not even take everyone for money - all applications in this category are registered with achievements, filling out a personal profile, and then AIS is approved.
  2. Free of charge for various programs, including sponsorship, now working at Artek.

Starting January 1, 2017, all children enter the camp through the automated information system AIS "Voucher". In it, everyone can create their own profile and organize a portfolio, including a mark on achievements over the past three years. It can be various diplomas, diplomas, fixed awards for prizes at competitions, olympiads, creative performances, etc. In addition, only children aged 8-17 years are allowed to consider in the summer, and during the school year there is access to Artek schools from grades 5 to 11.

Remember that no one child, regardless of the method of financing, can be hit twice in one year.

Prices for trips in 2020

If a child does not fit the criteria of a free program sponsored by programs or institutions, partner enterprises, but there is an opportunity to break into Artek by commercial routes, it is important to consider that the cost of a ticket at the moment is 80 thousand rubles per run (21 days).

Artek certified programs are also purchased for a fee from the Mosgortur tour operator in Bulgarian Varna - Kamchia JC. This resort has been fully purchased by the Moscow Government and is intended for recreation, recreation and creative training, development of young Russians and children from other countries. It includes two children's camps - "Black Sea" and "Rainbow", GK "Longoz", a cottage village "Pirin" and LDBC "Zdravets". Also included in the educational complex, amphitheater, sports complex and restaurant. Kamchia can host up to 25 thousand children, as well as families with small children, and it works year-round.

The cost of thematic shifts is individual - follow the offers on the website of Mosgortur. Please note that the price of the permit does not include payment of a visa and a refundable deposit in case of compensation for losses incurred by an existing child.

What you need to know about shifts?

Rest and study at the international children's camp is traditionally carried out - on arrivals. One shift is 21 days. Children are admitted strictly on arrival days, approved by the schedule for the corresponding year. Moreover, if within one shift you arrived on the first day of arrival, then you will leave the camp no later than the first day of departure.

Children arriving on a certain shift, accompanied by their parents individually, are going to a hotel-base in Simferopol (located at 5 Gagarina St.). There is also the option of meeting organized groups of children at the airport of Simferopol (organized transfer). If the child arrives on the territory of the MDC on his own, his separate meeting and transfer are not provided, and the written consent of the guardians under the law on the movement around the territory of the Russian Federation in a similar format is required (copies of parental identification documents must be attached).

You can leave the shift ahead of time only if you are transferred from hand to hand to parents who have a notarized power of attorney from their parents to third parties, or according to a legal permit for independent movement around the country.

In total in a year, usually 15 shifts (day of arrival - day of departure + shift by 1 day in the direction of increase, if necessary):

  1. January 25 - February 14;
  2. February 18 - March 10;
  3. March 14 - April 3;
  4. April 7 - April 28;
  5. May 4 - May 24;
  6. May 28 - June 17;
  7. June 20 - July 10;
  8. July 14 - August 3;
  9. August 7 - August 27;
  10. August 30 - September 19;
  11. September 23 - October 13;
  12. October 17 - November 6;
  13. November 10 - November 30;
  14. December 4 - December 24;
  15. December 28 - January 17.

Please note that the summer shift period starts on May 28th. Autumn - from August 30. And the winter ends only on March 10.

All about squads

Sea shift

Future visitors to Artek, no doubt, will be interested to know that you can specifically enroll in a special profile unit - by interests. At the moment, these may be the following areas of hobbies:

  • ecology,
  • all about the sea
  • media
  • the medicine,
  • tourism.

Rest and study in the specialized units of "Artek" must be combined with trips and trips to Crimean parks and museums, with excursion programs, children travel around the entire south of the peninsula. Be sure to be in Sevastopol. You can also enroll in tourist alpine bases - in Krinichka located seven hundred meters above sea level or in Dubrava (1.1 km). Both - directly in the Crimean nature reserve. And more recently, a separate special direction has been working - the specialized detachment "Art Theater".

How to get a free ticket to Artek?

Creating an application for a ticket to Artek

You can visit Artek for free, of course, after the traditional registration at the AIS "Voucher" and submitting the corresponding application, in two ways:

  1. Permit from the subject of the Russian Federation. Each region participating in the program considers the rating of the achievements of the children living in it, and according to a special quota, the number of children receiving the highest score in it is paid for by 1 shift in the MDC. To do this, write to the Artek regional partner, whose coordinates can be found on the camp’s official website.
  2. Win a thematic partner contest. Now among the thematic partners of the center "Roscosmos" (change "First Space"), "United Aircraft Corporation" (change "Take off!"), MSTU. N.E.Bauman (camp seminar "Step into the Future"), Moscow Aviation Institute (shift "Digital Technologies in Modern Aircraft Industry"), Samara University (shift "Universum", "Sputnik"), "Lintech" (international Olympiads " STEAMS ", system-engineering shifts" RoboSkapt "), Tyumen Industrial University (competition" Engineering Reserve of Russia "), Russian Railways (program" Country of Railways "), biology faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov (Ecological School of Moscow State University in "Artek"), Exploration University named after S. Ordzhonikidze (International rally of young geologists "Geoartek") and others.

Compliance criteria

Every child of Russia wants to visit Artek camps, but it’s worthwhile to understand that this MDC, despite all its hospitality, is an institution for the growing domestic intellectual, creative and sports elite. Without the presence of special personal achievements, such as victories at olympiads, in various thematic and athletic competitions, selections, competitions and other events of childhood and youth, it is impossible to get there.

And even with all the prerequisites for participating in the selection, it is worthwhile to understand that it happens on a rating basis. That is, in the electronic system, all participants receive for the filled fields, and depending on their achievements, points, and then are ranked, depending on the number. Here are the top lines of this rating and get tickets to Artek. For commercial quotas and free queues are separate.

So, do not forget to replenish your profile with new rewards received - increase the chances of winning a ticket!

What documents are needed?

In order to get a ticket to the FGBOU "MDC" Artek ", it is necessary, in addition to filling out the aforementioned profile, to provide the following documents:

  • application for a child in the prescribed form (for the FMS);
  • copy of medical insurance;
  • a completed voucher with the signature of the parent according to the established model;
  • health certificate (maximum three days before issuance);
  • consent to medical intervention;
  • medical certificate of the established sample (maximum for 10 days);
  • two copies of the birth certificate, if there is a passport - two passports with a photo and registration;
  • application for participation in active activities;
  • an application from the parent for an appointment with the aim of training at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment "MDC Artek"

If you are traveling on a paid basis, fill in the fields of the Agreement on the provision of paid educational services in the personal account of AIS "Voucher".

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