Best fortune-telling at home for the New Year 2020

Everyone has a different attitude towards the New Year, but always - they are waiting for it with the hope of a change for the better. I always want to make the deepest desire in him, so that it will come true, I want to know what he will bring to us - this mysterious and yet unfamiliar, very new year ... And it is not surprising that in all this we have used different fortune-telling for centuries. rituals of making wishes, as well as all sorts of other ways to ask questions of fate, propitiate it and make oneself more favored.

Well, let's not beat around the bush, and immediately get acquainted with the most faithful, interesting and easily implemented in practice fortune-telling - so that you have something to do on the upcoming New Year's Eve!

Come true - not come true? Fortune telling

Without desires - and New Year is not New Year. This is common knowledge. However, few dare not only to guess, but also to check whether this will be fulfilled. In the end, it is so painful to be disappointed ... Although, to be held captive of unrealizable hopes, you must admit, it is even worse. Therefore, let's learn a few of these tests!

The surest way - with a glass with large cereals. It is better to take rice or wheat - their energy is brighter. At first, stretch out your hand over it - always the left one - and pronounce your desire. Then scoop out a palm from there, not looking how much groats fit, pour on the table and count the grains. If the result is even, the wish will come true.

Similarly, a good option with two glasses: one with water, the second without. They make a wish right before the chiming clock and with each hit from one glass, pour water into the second - according to the number of counted seconds. When the last one dies, they count the number of droplets spilled on the table (put something on which you will see) - if there are less than three, then everything will turn out as planned!

You can still make a wish before you go to sleep on New Year's Eve, and you need to put a glass of water by the bed, from which you should drink half beforehand (right at the time of making a wish). In the morning, if your desire is destined to come true, there will be less water in it. Just check if there is anyone nearby who “dries” after nightly libations?

Fortune telling on New Year's Eve

Going to bed on New Year's Eve, be sure to put a scent of bread and scissors under your pillow - you will certainly dream of someone who will make up your destiny. You can still break off a sliver from the fence (if it is a private house) or just from the door, door frame, where the lover lives. And when you get home, put it under your pillow and go to bed. If he dreams, then this year he will ask for your hand.

And the third option: from the deck that was not played, just printed, you take out the tambourine king and, saying: “Tell the king of Bubey, to whom am I sweethearted in the world?”, Put her under the pillow for the night. In theory, if someone is breathing unevenly towards you, then he will definitely dream.

To see the narrowed face, you can light a couple of candles and put them in front of a carafe filled with water (tip: take it with thin transparent and without patterns walls), and set a mirror behind it. Peering through the whole structure in the mirror, you can see its reflection. And there is no need to be afraid that unclean power is playing with you there, since now you can not be afraid of it.

To find out the name of the future husband is very simple. You can write the names of the guys you are interested in, or those who are not indifferent to you, or in general all the well-known - here as you want - on separate pieces of paper, roll them up and put them in your winter hat, which you usually wear. And then with your left hand, squinting tightly, pull out one piece of paper - that will be the name of the future spouse.

You can also write names on ordinary onions and put them in jars of water - to sprout. With whose name it grows earlier, he will ask for your hand.

By the way, remember, in addition to sleepy fortune-telling, any of the betrothed spent in the parental home are not true!

How to tell fortunes in the coming year?

Of course, New Year's fortune-telling is not a couple of candles. Everyone knows that. After all, time is now extremely positive, the world is dominated by light forces - this is just the end of the Bright Week, the first in the Great Veles Veletk. Unlike Christmas, these fortune-telling are completely safe, since they do not imply any communication with evil spirits. But, this does not prevent them from remaining effective and truthful, if everything is done correctly.

You can tell fortunes at this time, for example, by sounds. On New Year's Eve, open the window and listen to the sounds from the outside. Here's how to decrypt them:

  • voices of birds - to the good news;
  • cat humbling - to new neighbors or moving;
  • barking of a dog - to new friends or groom;
  • ringing something (glasses, bells, phone) - important events are coming;
  • music plays or someone sings - to gossip, deceit, intrigues of envious people;
  • howling wind - to boredom.

You can also light a sheet of paper by placing it between a candle and an empty section of the wall, and observe what the outline of a lump that shrinks in a flame will be. First, do not forget to sit on the sheet first, and then crush it with your left hand! Decipher these outlines, as well as Christmas fortune-telling with molten wax, to the best of their imagination and ability to associative thinking. However, if you wish, you can find special collections of interpreters.

Good fortune telling on cereals - this is useful if you want to marry. Six identical cups with buckwheat, millet, rice, semolina, oatmeal and pearl barley are arranged in a circle, and water is poured into one cup. In turn, the girls unwind the egg in the center of the educated figure and observe its behavior:

  • if it remains in place, the year will pass unchanged;
  • roll to the water - you will travel for a long time;
  • to rice - to love a married man;
  • buckwheat - rich;
  • to millet - blonde;
  • to barley - military;
  • to semolina - the narrowed will take away to live to the north.

How many years before marriage can be found by fortune-telling with a ring and a glass. Drink water and your little ring from the glass, which you carry for a long time, suspend it from your own hair and carefully, without moving your hand, lower it into the glass. How many times the little ring hits the glass until it calms down and hangs straight, so many more come in the girls.

In general, it’s very easy to find out whether you will get married this year: ask your friends to blindfold you and let them, holding your hands, unscrew them, and then sharply let them go. If after this you go, not seeing where, but towards the door, you are about to leave the father's house and move to your husband.

"You say, say the glass ...". Fortune telling questions

Fortune-telling questions are a wider form of communication with fate, and if you ask them correctly, you can find out a lot of interesting things for yourself regarding the coming year. For example, the most popular such fortune telling is, of course, book fortune telling. Ask a question that interests you and, closing your eyes, go to a bookcase or shelf and randomly select a book. Then put your left hand on it, repeat exactly the question, and open it at random, poking with the thumb of your left hand anyway in which line, also with your eyes closed. The proposal found in this way will be the answer to your question.

A more modern analogue for music lovers - the same thing can be done with the list of songs in your playlist, with your eyes closed, scroll the mouse wheel until you select any song at random, and then, with your eyes closed, click on the slider of its player for an arbitrary second.

Well, and, of course, there are always card fortune-telling games, as well as Tarot layouts that will help you get accurate answers from fate to your questions.

Comic fortune-telling for New Year's party 2020

Humor is the invisible second skin for each of us. Dropping her will not last long - everyone knows that. And even more so, it is appropriate for the New Year - such a cheerful and joyful holiday for everyone, filled to the brim with the smiles of friends, exciting surprises and jokes. Comic fortune telling will always help to raise the mood in the company celebrating it!

As a New Year’s fortune-telling, it’s great, for example, to do this: write playful predictions on separate pieces of paper, you can even write poetry, mix them in a hat or bag of Santa Claus, and then invite each guest to pull something at random.

You can still take a large tea or coffee service, arrange all the cups on a tray, after having covered each of them with the item lying there, after which all those present are invited to choose "their" cup. Items should be small and such that it is easy to come up with a “legend” for them. For example:

  • ring - find your love or adultery for married;
  • hair jewelry (hairpin, hairpin, elastic - anything); - lead a busy social life;
  • pacifier - the birth of a baby for married, many parties - for single;
  • an empty piece of paper is an unremarkable year;
  • lipstick - change of image;
  • coin - to wealth, etc.

Usually, in the company of youth “with a bang” there is still a fortune-telling on a romantic topic: the volunteer who has volunteered is blindfolded and unwound before all the guests who have joined the circle, after which he is released and he grabs the first one that comes in - clothes, shoes, accessories in his hair or decorations, and then by the color of what they grabbed, determine the love forecast for next year.

So, black means breakdown of current relations or loneliness, gray - everything will be ordinary and boring, blue - relations will be cloudless, red - crazy passion, purple - many surprises and mysteries, green - for children, blue - increase in the depth of relations, yellow or orange - a fun life together, bright joint activities, white - fate with you has not yet been decided and everything is in your hands.

We hope that this selection of fortune-telling for New Year 2020 will not allow you to be bored on the upcoming holiday, and all the answers you receive from fate will not overshadow your wonderful mood!

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