Globa Predictions for the World for 2020

In the territory of the post-Soviet space, perhaps, there is no person more famous than Pavel Globa. Moreover, when we say “better known,” we don’t put any sarcasm in this concept, as is usually the case with most figures from culture, no offense or anger, as for politicians.

And even no envy and flattery, which, as a rule, sounds like a subtona in the memories of the sharks of modern business. Not at all. Here the "famous" is really "famous." And each letter of this word, this man worked to the end with his talent and hard work.

Since the late 80s, we have been searching with hidden hope and fear every time to find his name, follow the next episodes of his broadcasts on radio and television to find out what awaits us in such a mysterious and exciting “tomorrow”. And, amazingly, most of the answers Pavel Globa gives us on our questions turn out to be true and confirmed by reality.

Pavel Globa: astrologer, public figure, writer

Two years ago Pavel Pavlovich celebrated his 65th birthday. However, the legendary Soviet and then Russian astrologer is not in a hurry to consider himself a clique of pensioners, working very actively, engaging in teaching activities, developing his scientific theories.

He was born in Moscow in the family of a talented battle painter and doctor, and on both lines of his ancestors, it can be said that he belongs, if not to the “blue blood”, then to the noble family for sure: Globa’s mother is descended from the princes Gantimurovs, and his father comes from an old Ukrainian noble family.

In general, it is obvious that family and upbringing left a big imprint on the whole future of Pavel Pavlovich: his grandmother was from Persian gebras, a Zoroastrian by religion, and it seems that it was thanks to her that his current religious views were formed, his mother had a talent for healing with laying hands, and grandfather was engaged in astrology. The boy grew up among ancient astrological treatises, the basics of working with which his grandfather began to teach him at an early age.

In 1982, Globa defended a diploma at the Moscow Historical and Archival Institute and received a degree in historian-archivist, after which he worked for two years in the capital's city archive.

However, perestroika hard times swept through it very painfully: in 1984, the future famous astrologer had to quit, and until 1988 worked as a night watchman. However, even then he knew what he would do in the future: the revival of Avestan astrological teachings, the popularization of the interpretation of the location of stars.

Together with his wife, Tamara Globa, Pavel organizes and leads the "Avestian Association of Astrology", develops a cosmobiological scientific movement. Around the same time, he made a pilgrimage to India, to Badakhshan, where he studies with the guardians of this religious astrological movement. In 1989, he created the Astrological Institute, in which he became the rector, and in the beginning of the 90s his "Pavel Globa Center" appeared.

Over his life, Pavel Pavlovich has published more than 40 books in the field of astrology, Zoroastrianism and forecasts, published a lot in the media, and conducted several radio and television broadcasts.

Astrological forecasts from Globa

Pavel Globa considers astrology "nothing more than a demonstration model," as he once put it in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, but considers it very useful in detecting trends and opportunities, because cosmic cycles are the basis of all things.

He explores traditions and myths, historical facts, searching for matrices similar to the current moment, as well as the period of the near future. He believes that our civilization is developing along an involutionary path and adheres to the radically traditionalist views of Zoroastrianism.

In addition to the traditional annual horoscopes, Pavel Pavlovich often publishes clarifications of his past statements in connection with the changed space paradigm, answers questions about the future of the public and journalists in various interviews and broadcasts.

Of the most famous, once predicted and, alas, come true, it is worth bringing an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, an earthquake in Spitak (Armenian SSR), the collapse of the Union, tanks in the summer of the 91st on the streets of Moscow, as well as the fact that the Soviet symbols will leave Russia more not very soon.

A year before the tragedy, he warned that there would be a large-scale collapse of the craft in the Baltic (ferry "Estonia"), about the re-election of Yeltsin for a second term, as well as that he would be replaced by someone from the special services.

And finally, let's recall that back in the 80s he warned of a colossal terrorist attack in the United States in the early 2000s (September 11 tragedy), the Iraq war, civilian clashes in Libya, as well as the many natural disasters of 2010 years (earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, large-scale fires in many countries due to heat waves, floods and much more).

What did not come true from forecasts

Pavel Pavlovich cannot be considered such an infallible predictor, all the conclusions and judgments of which are one hundred percent reflected in reality. For example, his well-known statement is that in 2003, when the planet enters the era of Aquarius, the second coming of the Messiah will take place, and this will happen in Russia.

After that, the Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians were to unite into one state, and these lands were destined to survive the greatest rise in all respects in history.

Also from the erroneous one we can recall the expectation of the occupation of the United States Presidential Chair, Hillary Clinton, in 2008. And you can recall his old interviews in which he hinted that in 2008 ... Rogozin will become president in Russia.

Berezovsky was supposed to return, we quote, “if not on a white horse, then on a gray horse”, the war of the USA and China began in the second decade of the 2000s, in 2007 with Iran, and then - an armed conflict in the territory of Crimea like Chechnya.

2020 prediction for the world

For all countries that will have time to work out a fundamental development strategy by 2020, they will change their course and be updated, starting from this period, the time of growth and prosperity will start. Two countries can ride this wave: either Russia or China.

This is evidenced by the preparations for the entry into their legal rights of the Pluto era, as well as the fact that we recently had a chance to survive the year of the Camel.

In general, the coming year will be a turning point in moving away from the bipolar world system - more than one or two states will not dominate the political map. Those who are now overboard the global paradigm, outsider countries, will become the real leaders of tomorrow.

Pavel Globa assures that the planet will not descend before a nuclear war: you should not expect such a threat from the DPRK or Iran. However, all kinds of “hybrid wars”, the ubiquitous “struggle for peace” will present very painful challenges to humanity, and conflicts will erupt here and there, with varying success. As, however, all unhealed wounds will continue to smolder.

Astrological forecast of Paul Globa for Russia for 2020

In 2020, Russia will come to a certain pass - an intermediate stage of preparation and consolidation, which will last three to four years and after which serious growth will begin. This will happen around 2024, and progress will be made not only in the economy, but also in other areas of life.

However, all this will happen only under the conditions described above - equal for all countries of the world. It was in 2020 that Pavel Globa advised starting something grand in business - the seeds sown would certainly give rise, and very positive ones.

In the political sphere in 2020, the astrologer does not expect any changes for Russia - then the year 2021 will show everything later, but, on this occasion, he promised to speak out in his next forecast.

Well, we will wait for the next interview and the release of new books by Pavel Pavlovich, but for now we can only hope that only the best of his predictions will come true.

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