Predictions of the astrologer Zaraev for 2020

Astrology is a very popular pseudoscientific trend that operates with physical objects and the laws of their behavior, but seeks the relationship of all this with the human psyche, with statistics of events. It has existed since time immemorial, and humanity, as a good psychologist and indirect assistant adviser in business, has always needed it. And most likely it will be needed for a long time.

A rich crop of forecasts is collected annually on the astrological field, sprouts of new names sprout, the old grow stronger and improve their skills. And one of the oldest such personalities in our country today is Alexander Viktorovich Zaraev.

Alexander Zaraev - famous astrologer in Russia

Professor Aleksandr Viktorovich Zaraev is the current president of the Russian Astrological School, he is engaged in teaching and consulting activities, scientific justification of astrology, writes books and scientific works in his fields of interest, and is an active speaker in print and television.

He was born in Dagestan in 1954, and in 1978 - 1995 in Omsk he taught esoteric disciplines, as well as was engaged in medical and classical astrology. He owns the Center for Computer Astro-Forecasting, and since he organized his own publishing house, Sirius, in Moscow, he has constantly resided in the capital.

At least until a criminal case was brought against him by the Khamovnichesky District Court on the fact of fraud. In 2013 - 2014, he personally advised an elderly Muscovite woman, the owner of two apartments. Zaraev told the pensioner that he had an astral connection with her late daughter, and she asked her to be reburied.

He undertakes to carry out everything that is required for this, but a pensioner must pay him 3 million rubles. To get money for this, a woman sold one apartment.

However, the matter did not end there: when she was going to sell the second one, Zarayev suggested she buy a second apartment from her, but instead of a life annuity contract, as agreed, he slipped the documents on the full sale of the property. The verdict declared the punishment imprisonment for three years in IKOR, as well as a fine. By the way, very soon Alexander Viktorovich should leave.

As for astrological activity, Zaraev annually publishes copyright calendars, forecasts, and is often published in the media. Among his most famous works are periodicals in the form of the almanac “Secrets of Sex and Sexuality”, as well as the magazine “Secret Knowledge and Teachings”, books “Astrology, Health, Bioenergy”, “Twelve Secrets of the Zodiac”, “Language of Astrology” and others.

Zaraev’s forecasts yesterday and today

Alexander Zaraev is a very thorough and competent astrologer, whose predictions are distinguished by a rather high percentage of translation into reality. He works both with personal astrological predictions on the signs of the zodiac in various spheres of human life, and with global ones - on the fate of countries, peoples and the world as a whole.

What came true of Zaraev’s predictions?

Of the most well-known forecasts that have already come true, Zarayev should give a warning about the beginning of the Chechen war, the date of Yeltsin’s resignation and death, and the disaster at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station. He also predicted the coming to power of young Putin, and then his next victory in the 2012 election. And in 2018, the astrologer foreshadowed a change in the borders of the EU - we are eyewitnesses to the situation with Braxit.

Unfulfilled forecasts

Long before 2018, Zaraev warned the United States that they would be embroiled in a new armed conflict with the Islamic world this year. Fortunately, nothing of the kind happened - just sluggish hostilities that have been going on in the Middle East for many years.

He also foretold this country a toughening of the terrorist situation and its collapse into several parts, and he is infinitely glad that this forecast did not come true. In the EU, in addition to changing borders, he also said that some new associations would become relevant in the Central and Western parts of the Commonwealth. But, and this did not happen.

Russia and the world in 2020: a word to the astrologer Zaraev

Putin’s rule, according to Zaraev, will last until 2024. So in 2020, obviously, a change of power will not happen. The coming years will not be easy: both economic turmoil and possible armed conflicts are expected. However, the stars say that in fact, positive processes have already begun on all fronts. True, they will not begin to bring any specific fruits soon. Therefore, you should not expect an instant effect from them, of course.

Unfortunately, while the publication of detailed annual almanacs, Alexander Zaraev has experienced some difficulties due to his stay in places not so remote. But, we can recall that even earlier he claimed that for all earth signs (Capricorn, Dev and Taurus), a six-year period of renewal sets in, which will bring them unprecedented success and growth in all areas of activity. This period will last from 2019 to 2024.

But Sagittarius and Scorpions do not have to wait for anything good, since Jupiter is moving exactly to Virgo. As for the rest of the signs, Leo and Cancer will be quite successful in business, and for Libra and Aquarius, unfortunately, there is far from the best period in life.

Well, let's hope that all the good things that the stars whispered to Zarayev come true, and all the bad things calmly settle in daddy's forecasts that have not become reality.

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