Flash Movie (2020)

We will make a reservation right away when we talk about the modern Flash movie incarnations, we always mean exactly the superhero pseudonym Barry Alain. Despite the fact that in DC comics, several characters were so named at different times: Wally West, Jay Garrick and Bart Allen.

However, our hero, once created by Harry Lambert and Gardner Fox, was and remains one of the most popular in this universe, and it was his appearance that marked the once beginning of the Silver Age of comics.

Actual powerful revival of film comic books with a light hand Warner Broz. it has already been hinted several times to us that a closer acquaintance with the viewer Barry Allen and the development of his story are just around the corner. And the studio officially confirmed that, although not yet a clear date, but in 2020 his solo album will be released.

Recall that earlier we could carefully consider him in the Justice League, and before that he only appeared for a few seconds in Batman vs. Superman, and also participated in a small cameo in the Suicide Squad.


  • Release date: 2020 year;
  • A country: USA;
  • Genre: superhero action movie-comics.

According to rumors from insiders, this story will not be a story about the birth in the protagonist of superpowers and the beginning of his activities in this role. As for the personality of Flash, we recall that once a medical examiner Barry Allen processed evidence in a criminal laboratory. At this time, a serious storm broke out, and lightning struck directly into the room, as a result of which our main character was infected with dangerous pesticides.

But, his DNA reacted very interestingly to this: the cells began to mutate, giving him the ability to move at an impossible speed. Following his own code of ethics and his chosen path as a defender of society, Barry decides to send his newfound opportunities to the service of ordinary people - protecting them from crime.

In addition to the ability to move at superluminal speed, Flash has inhuman strength, endurance, the ability to move in parallel worlds and travel in time, pass through objects and give others this opportunity.

He controls his body at the molecular level and possesses ultrafast reflexes, instant regeneration, as well as accelerated thinking, knows how to kill with one blow, using ultrafast vibration, shoot lightning, steal someone else's speed.

And uses in his struggle a ring of power, as well as a special suit. Friends with Superman, Batman, Green Lanterns (with Hal Jordan), Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Vibes, Martian Hunter and Supergirl.

Barry Allen is a member of the Justice League, but which of his traditional enemies he will have to fight this time - with Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Captain Cold, Savitar, Professor Zoom, Weather Wizard, Grolla Grodd or Reversible Flash - we will find out at the premiere!

Camera crew and cast

Direct the tape Warner Bros. persuaded the fellowship of a young American singer, actor and director John Francis Daley and a very experienced figure in the movie business of Jonathan Goldstein. Both, specifically in the directorial role, this will be the third full-fledged widescreen work after the "Vacation" and "Night Games". And the script for Flash was written by Joby Harold, author of King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword and the thriller Narcosis.

In the main role, the same guy that was in all DC superhero films in this image is Ezra Miller. In addition to DCEU, we could see him in the role of Credence Bearbone in both Fantastic Beasts, in Something Wrong with Kevin, as well as in episodic roles of several TV shows (Lascivious California, Law and Order: Special Corps, Dear Doctor ") and widescreen projects (" It’s good to be quiet "," Girl without complexes "," City Island "," Stanford Prison Experiment "and others).

And his company on the set will be his stage wife (Iris West) - Kirsi Clemons (narcotic film and many supporting roles in TV shows, including CSI: Crime Scene, Ochyivdnoe, Beyond and "Nice looking").

And it’s already known for sure that the role of Papa Barry Allen will be played by Billy Crudup, the star of “Almost Famous” and “Big Fish”, who also starred in Mission Impossible 3, Sleepers, Spotlight and Johnny D.

Movie Facts

Barry Allen is entirely devoted, or the role of a member of the superhero team in two dozen animations, including in 8 animated series, has been singled out. Recently, the collaboration of DC and LEGO with enviable regularity has been stamping full-length cartoons about superheroes in its characteristic style, and Flash is mentioned there quite often.

In the television series, Flash slipped in “Arrow” (since 2012), “Secrets of Smallville” (2001 - 2011), “Legends of Superheroes” (1979), “American Justice League” (1997). He is also dedicated to three full-fledged solo series, continuing each other, from 1990 to 1992, as well as a modern television project in the form of the Strela spin-off Flash, which has been on the TV channels since 2014.

The Flash character won Easter eggs in the animated series The Simpsons, Robotsyp and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, as well as in the film Daddy Kindergarten and many others, the TV series The Big Bang Theory.

In "Catch Me If You Can" (2002), to demonstrate the character of Tom Hanks that he is a fan of comics, the character of Leonardo DiCaprio takes the pseudonym "Barry Allen".

  • Wrestler Ray Misterio on the show "WrestleMania XX" wore a Flash costume.
  • Walter Lloyd, in the TV series Lost, reads the Flash comic in Spanish.
  • The comic book edition in which Flash appears for the first time is considered one of the most expensive in the world: the last time he met at Heritage he met for 450 thousand dollars (2010 deal).
  • NBA player Dwayne Wade from Miami Heat has the nickname Flash.
  • The song "Ballad of Barry Allen" by Jim's Big Ego is dedicated to Barry Allen.
  • Flash is in eighth place in the ranking of the best superheroes of all time.
  • Comics with Flash have been repeatedly awarded both as the best editions, and in nominations for a character, best cover, plot, etc.

  • The director of the upcoming Flash could be Greg Berlanti, but then he took up the eponymous series. The candidatures of Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were also considered, but they were carried away by Star Wars projects. Then it could be Seth Graham-Smith, he also began to write the script, but then there were insurmountable disagreements between him and the producers. There were also options for Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn, Sam Remy, David Goyer and Mark Webb.
  • The role of Flash was at various times interested in Chris Pine, Bradley Cooper, Matthew Fox, Ryan Quantan and Scott Porter. Also in 2004 - 2007 there was an idea to make a film with Ryan Reynolds.
  • Iris West could play Lucy Boynton or Rita Ora.
  • It is rumored that Juliana Moore and Julia Roberts will participate in the casting on Nora Allen.
  • Judging by the posters, the Flash costume for this film will be taken from the 2014 series (dark red armor with a simple zipper on the chest, no zippers on the mask and a circle circled around the badge).

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