Movie Ghostbusters (2020)

Ghostbusters is a cult franchise. You can’t argue with that. It has become a real phenomenon of modern pop culture, having generated a lot of video and printed materials, awarded dozens of cameos and parallels. For the first time, sad Bill Murray in a funny gray jumpsuit with a patch on his shoulder, depicting crossed out handsome Casper, we had the pleasure of seeing in 1984.

And the title theme song "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. became known to everyone living on our planet. Then there was the second part in 1989 with the same actors. In 2016, a comedy parody with a female cast of hunters was mistaken for a full reboot of the franchise, and many were offended that they mocked their idol so much.

In fact, if we consider it as a separate work based on motives, then it seems very funny, although not so, of course, powerful to claim to eclipse the glory of its predecessors. And now, not so long ago, it was announced that in 2020 they were going to release a full reboot.


  • Release date: summer of 2020
  • A country: USA
  • Genre: comedy thriller

This time we are not talking about a remake, but about an absolute sequel to the first two parts, which, we recall, ended up with courageous fighters overthrowing the insidious plans of the ancient Carpathian lord Vigo, whose spirit dwelt in the portrait exhibited in New York's Metropolitan : he failed to enslave the world by incarnating in a human child.

The demons were driven out, and the mysterious pink mucus disappeared. But have Peter Venkman, Ray Stenz, Egon Spengler and Winston Seddmore finally sent the attack away? Or did fate give them a new test? Naturally, on a planetary scale and with fantastic modern special effects.

This is exactly what we have to find out at the premiere of the continuation of the cult franchise "Ghostbusters", so far with a working title that differs from the first two paintings only by the number "3" at the end.

Camera crew and cast

The work of Jason Reitman, who took over the director's chair, will be closely watched by his father, the director and the main ideological inspirer of the first two parts, Ivan Reitman. Now only the producer. 42-year-old Jason is a well-known American producer, screenwriter and director, whose track record includes work on the films Labor Day, Tally, Poor Rich Girl, the recent How Not to Become President, and the cult TV series Office.

The script is expected to be created, in addition to him, by Jill Kenan, for whom this will be the first writing experience. He is known as the director of the Poltergeist, Amber City: Escape and Monster House films.

In terms of the cast, as well as the plot, there are still many ambiguities. The well-known undisguised negative attitude towards the franchise of his main star Bill Murray, and Harold Allen Ramis, the performer of the role of Egor Spengler, died in 2014.

Critics do not exclude that Wright in the spirit of modern reboots will begin to shoot a sequel about the present, or even future time, with four teenagers in the lead roles. It is possible that someone from the old composition will be involved as their mentors and assistants. Will Lizun - is also not yet known ...

Movie Facts

The franchise included three animated series: Ghostbusters (1986), Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991), and Extreme Ghostbusters (1997). And also the sitcom of the same name in 1975, and a separate burlesque film based on 2016 with the ladies hunters and charming Chris Hamsworth.

The song "Ghostbusters" was nominated for an Oscar in 1985, and its author received a Grammy. After the release, it took her only three weeks to take the first position on the charts, where she lasted for almost a month.

In 2009, Dan Aykroyd prepared the script for the third part for the original cast and a number of their assistants - newcomers to the ghost fighting service, which, in theory, was supposed to be a logical transition between the old era of the franchise and its tomorrow with young people. However, various obstacles, and then the tragic death of Ramis did not allow that project to be realized.

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