The most anticipated cartoons of 2020

Cartoons are a familiar media product and a whole cultural category adored by both children and adults. Our kids are looking forward to new meetings with their favorite characters, literally grow together with animated series, we use a cartoon product in their education and training.

Years pass, they become teenagers, and then with no less enthusiasm become avid animeshnikami, fans of TV series about super-heroes and the like.

Yes, and adult uncles and aunts, to be honest, are not without a craving for an animated culture: no, no, and you’ll enjoy watching a novelty made with a great sense of humor, a childish second meaning, or you’ll watch something dearly beloved in the past.

Nowadays, the technology and information space are so developed that you can not only follow in real time the announcements of animated feature films in cinemas, wait for each new series on a prepaid television channel, but also download all this from the Internet, so you can enjoy long viewing in a comfortable environment and in a convenient time.

However, in order not to miss something really cool and long-awaited, which is preparing for release right now, it’s worth keeping at hand an approximate wish list of new projects for the coming year.

And today we will try to save you from the need to spend time on drafting it personally by offering all the animated announcements of 2020 below. Well, let's not intrigue you anymore - enjoy! And enjoy your viewing!

The most anticipated foreign cartoons of 2020

In 2020, we are waiting for a few as yet unnamed, but with announced production projects from such a monster of the animation industry as Pixar.

And also many, many other, no less interesting works: filmed based on popular TV shows, sequels of favorite franchises and the most perfect debuts, introducing us to completely new fascinating stories. Told entirely by computer graphics or hand-drawn.

“Oh, these kids!”, USA

Almost three decades have passed since the world first became acquainted with one of Nickelodeon's most popular creations with this very eloquent and funny name. And the plans for 2020 for the channel include restarting the entire series, as well as shooting together with Paramount Pictures a full-length film with "live" actors, it is possible that it is partially animated.

Kids are waiting for new adventures of the little girls Angelica, Tommy, Chuck, twins Phil and Lila, and, of course, their parents. By the way, in secret, the creators of the series said that they are expected to get acquainted with completely new characters!

The creator of Futurama and Golden Girls David Goodman will be the author of the script for the sequel to the sequel to the multibestseller. He is expected to take an active part in the project and stars of his last appearance on the screen - Arlene Klaski, Gabor Chupo and Paul Germaine.

Recall, "Oh, these kids!" filmed from 1991 to 2004, and in his piggy bank six nominations for Kids' Choice Awards, as well as four Emmys. There were also three full-length animated films, The Peanuts, The Peanuts Meets with Thornberry, and The Peanuts in Paris. And also spin-offs about children at the school "Children have grown up" - he went in 2003-2008.

Scooby-Doo, USA

The new story with the charming doggie detective in the title role and his wonderful friends in 2020 is going to be presented by the director Tony Cervone.

The plot was born in the head of Matt Lieberman, but it will include all the classic heroes once created by John Ruby and Ken Spears. The widescreen premiere was planned for May, and everything will be filmed, as always, Warner Bros.

The voice of Scooby-Doo will be familiar to many generations of viewers around the world, Frank Welker.

St. John's Wort 2, USA

The resounding success of the first cartoon musical by Garth Jennings, of course, left no doubt that very soon we would see an equally remarkable continuation of it. Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures are right on New Year's Eve 2021 (the premiere is planned for the end of December 2020) are going to give us this inspiring gift!

And the studios have already promised that we will meet again with all the permanent artists of the Baster Moon koala theater: the gorilla Johnny, the mouse Mike, the elephant Mina, the pig Rositta, the porcupine Ash and Gunther.

And, then, again we will hear the wonderful voices of Theron Edgerton, Scarlett Johansson, Nick Kroll, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Tori Kelly and others.

By the way, acquaintance with new characters is expected. But with what - it’s a secret!

Trolls 2, USA

Detailed description, trailers

The family-run musical cartoon "Trolls" will be continued in 2020, and its premiere is planned ... right on Valentine's Day! This will be a sequel, the script of which is already written by Glenn Berger and Jonathan Aibel, and the producers will be Kelly Cooney and Gina Shay.

The director will be the same Walt Dorn. And we will definitely meet again with Justin Timberlake in the role of Tsvetan and Anna Kendrick - Rosette, and also hear the wonderful voices of Gwen Stefani, Zoe Deschanel, James Corden and Russell Brand.

Nimona, USA

In 2020, the animation will launch in the rental of the cult manga of the same name. Patrick Osbourne, a debutant in this genre, directs the tape, and Mark Hames wrote the script adaptation of the comic book Noel Stevenson.

The plot, as we recall, tells the story of a young skater Nimon, who is destined to fight against the ruler of the kingdom, and in classical history, he combines with the "little bit out of himself" scientist Lord Ballister Blackhart to expose the injustice that is happening.

This full-length cartoon will be filmed by 24th Century Fox with Blue Sky Studios. Who will light up in the voice acting is still unknown.

Minions 2, USA

Universal, together with Illumination Entertainment, promised to release a sequel to the cult Minions in 2020, though so far only the working title of the project is known - Minions 2. But, the release date has already been announced - July 3.

The names of the crew: directors and co-directors - Kylie Balda, Brad Ableson and Andrew Gordon, script - Claire Dodgson, producers Pierre Coffin, Ken Daurio, Christopher Meledandiri and others. As usual, all minions of Chincho Paul will be voiced by Pierre Coffin, who will still be in the roles, as well as details of the plot, has not been disclosed.

"Mavka", Ukraine

The classic fairy tale extravaganza from Lesya Ukrainka about the magical Forest, full of mysterious creatures, kept by Mavka - his soul and future queen. Not far from it is an ordinary village, the inhabitants of which were afraid of the Forest and tried to stay away.

But, the meeting of Mavka and a simple guy who was fond of playing the flute and often retiring to the music more often became fatal - they fell in love. Can Mavka and Lukash preserve their love, resist the wiles of the evil Kilina, who dreams of destroying the Forest and his soul?

This full-length animation by Alexandra Ruban, scripted by Yaroslav Wojcieszek, successfully performed at recent pitches in Europe and the USA, won several prizes and, according to critics, she will be expected to be the glory of the most beautiful animation of 2020.

The landscapes of the picture are drawn from the nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians, and the costumes for the main characters were invented by the famous Ukrainian designer Olga Navrotskaya.

"Ron's Gone Wrong", UK - USA

The adventures of an 11-year-old boy who discovered that something was wrong with his best robot friend attracted an urgent script that shows how much the number has eaten into this world, because for our children, it’s more and more that partners in communication, walking and games become virtual or mechanical friends.

The story was written by Peter Beyngam, Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe Vine, and the directors of this full-length cartoon were Alessandro Kaloni and Jean-Philippe Vine. Twentieth Century Fox will release it together with Locksmith Animation.

SpongeBob 3, USA - South Korea

The full-length version of the story about the handsome sponge in 2020 will be released by director Tim Hill. The premiere of the tape is expected on July 16, and all will be removed by the resources of the Nickelodeon channel. We will hear the familiar voices of Tom Kenny and Clancy Brown, as well as Roger Bumpass, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Bill Fagerbacca, Caroline Lawrence, Gill Talley and others.

And the plot will take as the basis the series themes “Sponge Baba Square Pants”, and will become the sequel to “Sponge Bob in 3D”, Jonathan Aibell and Glenn Berger will write it. At first they wanted to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the TV series — they planned for 2019, but the channel was afraid of competition with a similar move from Dasha Travelers, and decided to wait a bit with this.

Kruds 2 Family, USA

September 8, the release of the continuation of the full-length animation "The Croods Family" with Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone in the lead roles. They directed the tape and wrote the script for it by Kirk de Mikko and Chris Sanders.

And this means that we will again plunge into the vicissitudes of life and the exciting adventures of a funny family hailing from a prehistoric world in which you can easily run into either a fantastic creature or a cataclysm of planetary proportions. In a word, it will be boring and definitely fun!

Campus, China

Full-length animated fiction will show a world where an amazing combination of medieval foundations and retro-specific life prevails with outstanding technological progress, authored by Liu Jian.

The story revolves around the training of gifted young people in the school of magic, and the creators promise to show us all the realities of student life, with its friendship, serious challenges, betrayal, the struggle for success and, of course, love.

The frames are made in the technique of realistic computer animation, and they will be full of magical effects, monsters and unusual scenery.

"The Loud House", USA

In early February, the premiere of the joint work of Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies is expected, the script for which was written by Celia Kendrick, Darin McGowan and Chris Savino based on the famous animated series from this channel.

Cast we will hear Liana Mumi, Gray Griffin, Carlos Pena Century, Wayne Brody, Brian Stefanek, Michael MacDonald and others. In the widescreen version, the same specific and very nice primitive sketch is expected, so loved by the children's audience of the television project.

"Pirate Cat", Canada - USA

A promising story about how a company of bizarre pirates is turned into cats, and they have to go on an adventure to restore their human appearance. It was written by Peter Lepeniotis, and all will be shot by Gulfstream Pictures, Redrover and ToonBox Entertainment.

The Zero Century: Emeraldas, Japan

The full-length film adaptation of the manga of the same name by Leiji Matsumoto, directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga. Fans of the genre - don't miss it!

Russian cartoons

The Russian animatographer for 2020 has as many projects as the Western one, of course, does not promise, but several works seem very, very interesting to take in pencil and be sure to watch with the children.


"Ancient Slavic Cyberpunk" - this is how its creators, Evil Pirate Studio, described the genre of this animated feature film. If you are not afraid of carbon fiber bast shoes, digital harp and neon domes, be sure to watch this movie.

True, young children are unlikely to understand him. The audience of the project is, rather, adolescents and adults. They promise a lot of action, epic scenes, a very unusual setting and a specific anime drawing in the style of “Werewolves” or “Ghost in the Shell”.

"Ruslan and Ludmila"

Another premiere in the Old Russian spirit is scheduled for December 2020 - this time more democratic in terms of the spectrum of the preferred viewer, purely family kind animation. The basis, of course, is the classic Pushkin story, and it will open a large-scale multi-year franchise from the full-length animated films "Pushkin's Tales".

And release her studio Wizart Animation. The creators promise a comedy genre and traditional "popular" drawing in the style of Russian folk art.


Soyuzmultfilm promises to continue releasing new adaptation series of the legendary Soviet cartoon based on the work of E. Uspensky for the anger of the day. The project, launched back in 2018, which includes the new 30 episode series of the franchise, will complete the delight of us with its premieres in 2020.

They will change the technique of drawing, starting to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, slightly modernize the plot, and fill it with powerful philosophical educational meaning: in every seven-minute series they are going to talk about traditional values.

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