The Gambit Movie (2020)

Every year, we, staunch fans of superhero fiction, wait for news about the release of regular projects as part of our favorite franchises. In this field, two high-profile comic books are currently stormed by Hollywood: Marvel and DC. And today, the topic of our conversation will be another novelty, just the first one. “Gambit” is part of the “X-Men” Universe, which means the estate of Fox, famous for its “consecutive” leaps from spinoffs to sequels, from them to prequels, then to solo albums, then ...

However, in this harmonious total chaos there has recently been a real crisis of the genre: the "young shoots" have not really been raised yet, and the old guard - who refused to participate further in this topic at all, who could not for other reasons.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to fill the vacuum with something - the public asks mutants for an encore. Therefore, there is nothing else left but to produce bright side branches and benefits of separately selected heroes.

Why not? In any case, the most exciting, dynamic and spectacular cinema awaits us, with special effects that provoke enthusiastic ahs and meetings with your favorite actors. And this is what the much anticipated 2020 Gambit promises to be.


  • Release date: March 13, 2020
  • A country:USA
  • Genre: fantastic superhero action movie

The plot tells us the story of a burnt-out egoist who trades in the theft of gambler, Remy Lebo, alone, a cynic and a very talented mutant who is able to transform the energy of any object so that it can explode.

In the course of the story, he will have to fight with a strong enemy in order to save a man who, surprisingly, is very dear to his heart. The transformation from the “lone wolf”, who chewed on all the problems of the mutants in their war with people, to the hero who took his rightful place in the friendly family of the Xavier School is very traditional and indicative of the Marvel comic book series. However, the creators promise a lot of highlights and attractive features to this reading, which can advantageously highlight the picture among others.

First of all, the trend towards a love cultivation of self-irony, which only grows with every tape released as part of this franchise, is encouraging. In a word, bringing to the edge of a serious attitude to superheroism, furious pathos from men in shorts over tights will be less and less, but there’s more than enough humor, including very dark color, topicality and liveliness.

The producers themselves, speaking about Gambit, when asked what the public should expect from the film, said something like this: a little sex, a little romance and a lot of laughter. Well, let's see how it will be ... Apparently we are waiting for a movie in the style of Deadpool, as its producers intend to familiarize the viewer in detail with the cheeky lifestyle of the narcissistic protagonist, an outstanding womanizer and swindler.

Secondly, although the story will be very “motivated”, personal consultations with the author of the idea, Chris Clermont, gave a lot - the picture is very “in style”, and it is possible that the revival of the series, so vividly begun, will continue from it. both Deadpools.

Camera crew and cast

Project executive producer Simon Kinberg is considered the unspoken guardian of the X-Men franchise, starting with The Last Battle. Also among his paintings are the comic books Fantastic Four and Deadpool, as well as the acclaimed Martian, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the widescreen new Sherlock Holmes and The Murder on the Orient Express.

The operator's work was entrusted to Kinberg's long-time partner, Boyan Bacelli. We learn more details about the film crew, as well as about the specifics of the cast, closer to the launch of the trailer campaign.

Speaking of actors. So far, only two surnames have been declared as title ones: Channing Tatum - Gambit in person, and Lizzy Kaplan. Although in some sources you can find the names of Ian McKellen (Magneto), and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystic) and even Lea Seydoux (Bella Donna). The role of the actress, known for the second “Illusion of Deception", "Monstro" and "Mean Girls", who had once started her career with "Secret Smallville", has not yet been voiced, but there is every reason to believe that this will be the same person who is important for the main character for the sake of which he will forget about selfishness and advocate a common cause.

As for Tatuma, he has been literally raving about this role since 2006, having been happy to act in films for numerous announcing posters, patiently waiting for all the friction with the film directors and to postpone the shooting dates.

Indeed, apparently, with his cunning physiognomy, Gambit will long become the favorite character of X-Men fans. Moreover, the track record of this actor is very, very impressive. Let’s at least remember that this will not be his first comic book work: the second “Kingsman” and his charming Tequila, as well as his participation in all “G.I. Joe: Throwing a Cobra” is proof of this. And he is known for his main roles in "Luck of Logan", "10 Years Later" and "Super Mike", as well as in "The Abominable Eight", all the banter "Macho and Nerd" and for a small but noteworthy role in "Johnny D . ".

Movie Facts

  • 21st Century Fox is going to shoot Gambit on the territory of Big Easy Studios - in the same place where the War of the Planet of the Apes and Logan were once made.
  • Taylor Kitsch, who had already appeared in this image in the old X-Men, also claimed the role of Gambit.
  • In the X-Men universe films, this will be Gambit's third appearance. Before that, we could see him in "Beginning. Wolverine" and "The Last Battle".

The directors of the film could be: Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”), Doug Lyman (series about Bourne, “Made in America”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “Game without rules”, etc.), Gareth Evans, Darren Aronofsky (Oscar for Black Swan, Mommy, Noah, Wrestler, etc.), Bennett Miller (Oscar nominations for Fox Hunter and Capote) and JC Chandor. Then on the cover page of the announcements was listed Gor Verbinski (several “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Oscar for the animated film “Rango”, “Call”, “Lone Ranger”), but at the beginning of 2018 he left the project.

At the moment, unfortunately, official trailers or teasers from the filmmakers have not yet been submitted.

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