Horoscope for Gemini women and men for 2020

To compare your life with the astrological forecast is a familiar and very prudent business, whatever one may say. After all, the fate of each person, his character and behavior is predetermined by the location of the stars at his birth, as well as a combination of his personal characteristics and every current day, month, year ...

Knowing your horoscope for the next year, you can not only correctly plan everything for yourself in it, but also understand how to get out of a given situation with the greatest benefit and with the least loss, which areas of life and when to pay close attention to, and which ones are moving away now in the background and the like.

And today we will talk about what 2020 promises to Gemini - contradictory, vibrant and adventurous natures.

Horoscope for 2020 for Gemini women

Representatives of the fair sex belonging to this sign, you just need to come to terms with the fact that much of what they planned and only plan in the future for this year will not go exactly as they expected. 2020 will require you maximum flexibility and the ability to adapt to which you are capable, in principle.

This, of course, is not characteristic of you, but at least try to be a little more prudent and prudent, always having at hand "Plan B", and also remembering the location of the "emergency exits."

Be prepared for the fact that your environment will periodically raise a wave of disappointment in you. But, despite the acute craving for perfectionism and exactingness, that for yourself, for the rest, try not to forget that people are not born at all in order to meet your expectations.

As, however, you are theirs. The better you learn how to get around sharp corners, be more tactful and cunning, the more chances are that you will enter without losses next year.

In the spring, try to take less long trips - if possible, refuse to travel. But, be sure to find yourself some new bright hobby, switch to something unusual for you. In the summer, be sure to make yourself a tradition, if you have not had time before, your whole family to get out into the nature - now it is more useful for you than ever.

In the second half of the year, fate will become more complaisant for you, and any way out of the comfort zone will cease to bring a feeling of uncomfortability and insecurity - only joy and satisfaction. In the autumn, remember what you had planned for a long time - the time has come for this. Everything will succeed in the best possible way, and even before the next year you will see the fruits of your labors.

Horoscope for 2020 for male Gemini

The tendency to exaggeration, excessive suspiciousness and sensitivity more than once or twice during the coming year will inspire the minds of the injustice of life in the heads of Gemini. However, there will be many pleasant surprises, especially if the representatives of this sign do not forget that resourcefulness and curiosity are their strong point.

The main thing is to properly prepare yourself mentally for the unexpected, and then you can benefit from any situation. Stars recommend that you don’t rush headlong into some kind of event, think twice before doing it, and carefully plan everything in advance, although this is not your thing.

However, remember: miscalculation of moves ahead and the organization of emergency exits "in which case" will help to avoid a lot of failures and worries.

The first half of the year will be full of bustle, mood swings and such twists of fate that you just have to whistle in surprise. Your internal state will be so volatile and shaky that you will want to throw out your displeasure at least on someone.

But, remember that only a maximum of tact, endurance and flexibility will allow you not to lose all existing and potential like-minded people this year. Forget about your criticism for a while - people are not born at all to meet your ideals.

All travel this year is better to postpone until the fall - in the spring, if you decide on a business trip, some kind of big trouble can happen. Try yourself in a new extreme sport, find another hobby - in a word, something that you have never been involved in before and that is extremely unusual for you.

In the summer, spend more time with your family, start some cute little traditions and try to stick to them steadily - this will keep you afloat. But in the fall, feel free to remember carefully hatched plans - everything will work out and will let you enjoy the results before the beginning of next year.

Love horoscope

In love in 2020, Gemini will face the same ups and downs as in other areas of life. As a result, everything will end well anyway, but the path to this will be either thorny or strewn with roses. You will either rush into the love pool with your head, or soon become disappointed in your chosen one. To experience the maximum degree of intimacy and personal happiness, then remain in the grip of alienation.

In the spring of lonely representatives of this sign, an unexpected romance with some old acquaintance awaits, however, after just a few months of relationship, they will begin to flirt right and left, which will put all this at risk. But the meetings of November or December threaten to become fateful for you.

Family Gemini will try to poison the life of the partner as much as they can. They will be the most likely constant instigators of scandals and quarrels over trifles. In the middle of summer, the chance of treason on your part increases to the maximum - consider this if you value the family hearth.

More than once or twice in a year you will feel the fading of sexual interest in a partner - the lack of diversity in this area of ​​life will be the culprit of everything. But everything can be corrected if you become the initiator of change.

Horoscope of finance and career

At the beginning of the year, representatives of this sign expects a sudden gain of some kind of large profit. But, remember, now for you to spend this money the time has not come yet. In the spring, something will happen that will require the maximum accumulation of your funds: it may be necessary to urgently repair something in the house, to buy some large household appliances.

Adversity or great need may come to someone from relatives - they will need your help. But in the fall you can pamper yourself with new clothes or gifts for the soul as much as you like - a great time for shopping of any kind! Moreover, do not worry that you run out of reserves - you will have enough sources of financing and ways of earning so that this is not a problem for a long time.

In the second half of the year, stars advise Gemini to look for additional ways to earn money. It is possible that you will be promoted to the position with a corresponding increase in salary. Representatives of this sign engaged in their business at this particular time will also have many chances to increase the profits of their enterprise.

By the way, in terms of work, everything will be very interesting this year. At the beginning, it is possible that you will be fired. However, this will be even for the best, even if at first it seems like the collapse of all hopes. It is interesting that if you yourself are not ready for this (there are options for autonomous earnings, alternative employers), this will not affect you.

Remember, spring is the perfect time to start your business for you this year. Often listen to what relatives advise about work. If you are engaged in creativity, you can quarrel with colleagues in the shop, lose the way to make money. Those whose work is related to finance, 2020 promises a bright future.

Horoscope of health

In 2020, in terms of energy supply, everything is only good for Gemini - there will be more than enough forces to fulfill the plan. At the end of spring, you will begin to sin on vitamin deficiency, as you will feel somewhat more tired than usual. Probably against the background of this decline in migraines.

Try closer to summer to give yourself a short break from the routine, moreover, this does not have to be just a vacation - you can just change the environment and type of activity, environment. And you will immediately feel better.

For the rest, during the year, your health will be excellent, but only if you pay due attention to your diet, as well as practice moderation in alcoholic libations and night outings. Otherwise, your health will not be so rosy at all - keep this in mind!

Horoscope for 2020 for Gemini by year of birth

Gemini - Rat

Your excessive optimism can be dangerous, because, having believed in yourself and circumstances unconditionally, you will become the target of unexpected problems in your way. The second mistake will be the desire to take on several tasks at once, trying to get the most preferences from life.

Be consistent: quality is more important to you now than quantity. It’s reasonable to take current and especially large expenses: this year promises to be very difficult for you financially.

Gemini - Bull

You are very scrupulous, diligent and hardworking - which means that you will be rewarded as you deserve in the coming year, and it is very pleasant.

However, if you do not want to distract like-minded people and relatives from yourself, think more about what you say and do - an extremely nervous and difficult period begins for everyone, therefore, the more considerate and softer you are, the less you will leave it.

The same applies to excessive confidence in their own infallibility - believe me, advertising yourself and your loved ones as an idol is not the time.

Gemini - Tiger

Your windiness and love to skip from business to business, without stopping for long periods of time, will still come sideways to you in the coming year. Try to have the strength to complete what you have started, work out plans and translate them into reality in the smallest detail. If you can’t do it personally, attract the right people to the process.

It’s just for you now. The year for Gemini born in the year of the Tiger will turn out to be very nervous, you will often feel disappointment and self-doubt - try to let more positive into life. It will be easier.

Gemini - Rabbit

Your activity and business spirit will finally be rewarded! You will curb your wave of success and be able to squeeze the maximum out of fate. The main thing is not to be afraid to take responsibility and do not follow the sensibility - now trusting your own intuition can, sadly enough, lead you not to where you would like to.

Do not annoy others with ostentatious carelessness - it will seem to you that you thereby support an optimistic mood in them, but you will achieve the completely opposite result.

Gemini - Dragon

A difficult year for a complex and multifaceted sign. You will have to curb your indefatigable enthusiasm and avoid haste so as not to break firewood. At the same time, remember that the solution that comes first is far from the ultimate truth. Especially this year. Great chance of serious disagreement in the family - up to divorce.

Try to be softer with loved ones and restrain your emotions, as carefully as possible listening to the opinion and feelings of the spouse. If you can forget about your minuses for the time being, a year that requires serious intellect will be appreciated.

Gemini - Snake

We can say that the Twins born in the year of the Snake are destined to survive one of the most successful years in their life. Everything will work out, your inventive and moving mind will finally be appreciated, and an active and vibrant life position will find so many like-minded people and supporters that you could never have dreamed of such a thing before.

A good time for marriage or marriage, strengthening marriage ties by the birth of a child, buying real estate, some grandiose joint business.

Gemini - Horse

An extremely difficult year, fraught with many far-reaching problems, awaits you. Such intuition cherished by you more than once or twice will lead you to the wrong place. Freedom of love and the desire for loneliness will be turned away from you and those few people who are still close to you who still remained.

Beware of quick, not based on thoughtful planning decisions - they are now fraught with mistakes as never before. Especially, considering that the twins born in the year of the Horse Gem are going to change often this year.

Gemini - Goat

Excessive optimism and laziness born in the year of the Goat Gemini will lead in the coming year along a curve path. You are expected, perhaps, the most stupid and inconclusive time in your life. If you are smart enough, spend it learning something new. Even if it is very boring, and it’s not entirely clear why.

There is a great chance to become so immersed in social activity that you lose touch with reality for a long time and seriously. And this will not be reflected in all your affairs in the best way.

Gemini - Monkey

To achieve something significant this year, you are too reckless and adventurous. However, if you are able to curb these qualities and use your highly developed intellect, as well as the ability to think logically, you will not be worth a price.

Born in the year of the Monkey Gemini in the coming year, it is worthwhile to give up all efforts to search and develop hitherto not activated talents, to develop other roads, the movement on which can bring success. The main thing is not to confuse optimism and self-confidence with frivolity.

Gemini - Rooster

For the pragmatic Rat, in the power of which we will be in the next year, you are too shocking, complex in nature and unstable. Therefore, you can achieve success only by eradicating, at least for a while, or very significantly mitigating these qualities.

Try to find a worthy application for your outstanding talents and outstanding intellect, learn as much as possible from what is happening for the future. And then, if not specifically this year, then in the next you will definitely be waiting for recognition.

Gemini - Dog

The most difficult thing for you in the coming year will be to convince yourself to leave the comfort zone and get down to business. Everything will seem too fast changing, requiring too many efforts from you, moreover, not always justified, at first glance. Humble yourself.

It just needs to be done, just like it is necessary to survive this year for you with the least losses. Indeed, now, literally, the lack of forward movement means an unfortunate return back. Get together and do what you can do best.

Gemini - Pig

The Pig Gemini is expected to have a very pleasant, soft to them and allowing a little relaxation for a year. All your battles are already behind us, or are just starting to take place on the horizon, carefully selected and tested people are nearby, last year was very successful and brought significant changes for the better, and now special efforts to stay afloat are not required from you.

However, if you do not want to lose ground in the future, spend this time investing in your loved ones: study, professional development, and obtaining additional knowledge. Very soon some of this will be needed.

Here is such a forecast for Gemini for 2020 prepared by our astrologers. And we wish all our readers - representatives of this sign to take into account its recommendations, and with honor to get out of any test, to answer all the challenges that the coming year has prepared for them. And let at the end of it you feel that you have become a little happier than you were before!

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